Code of Ethics GETTING BETTER SCHOOL and its basic educational program of Holistic Regression Therapy belongs to 19 schools recognised and certified by an international association for regression therapy EARTh.  With its post-graduate training  in Spiritual Regression Between Lives the school belongs to one of the unique 4 schools certified by EARTh in advanced training. The programs, school curriculum and the head teacher meet demanding regression therapy teaching and certifying criteria of EARTh and follows a code of conduct and ethic. 

The school is independent and authentic. It takes pride in being able to suit theteaching approach to individual student's needs, seeing their personal and professional development as the essentials for becoming a good therapist.


...In 2013 a group of fantastic curious and enthusiastic people came to me and asked if I would teach them

what I do.  My heart jumped and I said yes. My languages, teaching, organising and healing skills suddenly came together and with a help and motivation from colleagues, partners, clients and my kids I found myself running the first  course. Because I had the best teachers in the world in terms of motivation and teaching skills (Prof. Pavla Shiller, Andy Tomlinson, Hazel Newton...) I allowed myself to expand on what I learnt from them and pass this always advancing knowledge on to other curious enthusiasts...    

_______________________________________________________________ GB Holistic Regression Therapy Training   

GB Spiritual Regression (Between Lives) Training

GB Course of Channeling


                           Reiki Training  (France)

Reiki Level 1: 

The course takes 2 consecutive days for a group. Individually, and after a previous healing session, different arrangements can be discussed.

You learn the Reiki story, all the basics about energies and the way we exist within them, the human energy field, the power of thinking, the 5 Principles of Healthy and Happy Being, how Reiki works and how to use it to help yourself and others. There are 4 attunements, which will enable you to use Reiki straight away.

Reiki Level 2:

You learn how to pay attention to your intuition and how to recognize disturbances in the energy field. You’ll get 3 Reiki symbols and their use, learn how to send healing across time and space, mental healing and how to focus healing energy, how to clear spaces, self-protection and self-balance. There is 1 attunement involved. 

Reiki Level 3:

You learn the Master symbol and its use, how to create affirmations and to empower them, what is I AM and its use, meditations and working with your spirit guide/or higher self and, finally, working in the spirit realm. There is 1 attunement involved.

Reiki Level 4:

For those who decide to teach the Reiki system.