Case studies

A young lady client (20) came to me with a problem of depression and anorexia. Before coming to me she had been surviving her condition, which worsen with the time, for nearly 3 years. At the time we met for the session, she used to collapse several times a week and was barely able to hold her life together. She had previously several sessions with a psychiatric specialist, who prescribed antidepressants and recommended treatment for anorectic patients. However this client never took the prescribed medicaments and later came to see me. Altogether we did two sessions 6 months apart, because of the travelling distance it was not possible to do sooner. The client had no previous knowledge of past life or spiritual regression.

The first session she bridged with her phrase “I’m feeling so lonely” and regressed into a near death moment of a past life soldier (probably WW2), who in the battle lost his dear friend. He was wounded and totally alone amongst the piles of dead bodies, in rain, mud and cold, looking for his dead friend. He died there too, with the emotion of total loneliness, the consciousness hovered long time above the battlefield still searching for his friend.

As we continued exploring the past life memory more closely the client also came to the scene where his younger teenage brother was brutally shot by the soldiers, he died in his arms. As the consequence of this he himself joined the army.

After the extensive body therapy focused on unblocking the stuck energy in the wounds and cold, (visualization and body movements came spontaneously from the client) her body visibly relaxed and smile came on her face. In the level where souls/characters from the past life meet, it become obvious, that soldier’s lost friend was the closest friend of the client in this life and his past life brother was another best friend. When Love was brought in and communicated between them the understanding and healing took place.

Immediately after the session the client felt happy and relived. Although her eating habit improved just temporarily (cca 4weeks), it was enough for her body to reestablish her nutrient needs and she no more collapsed. He depression and lonely feelings never came back and she became humorous and witty as “back to herself” as her friends remarked. She herself remarked that she had no longer the feeling of loneliness in any circumstances in her life.

The second session we began with a hypnotic induction and then the client went again straight to the moment before the death point in a past life. She was a young woman and was being stoned and buried alive, her eyes poked out. The reason was that her tribe thought she had killed her husband. Though she tried to defend herself the death was imminent. She left two little children behind. According to the description of the surroundings, tools and clothing it was happening in the Stone Age.

The consciousness lifted off the scene very quickly, not even looking back, the emotion was feeling relieved. Then the client began laughing and laughing for a very long time just laughed and didn’t say anything. Then she described how the evil tribe people’s souls came to greet her and some of them were dressed up like characters from other lives where they knew each other. They obviously had fun welcoming her like this and in this meeting it became clear that they all had roles to be in that common stone age life. Her past life husband was indeed killed but it was his friend who killed him. He was jealous. Her children in that life were taken care of by her sister n that life. The souls were having a long telepathic communication about that life and how and why things needed to be done that way. The client reported what was going on in an amused manner, really enjoying the insights she was getting. The tribe group admitted that they over did it by killing her so brutally and apologized to her. It was like a group of great friends meet up after a party, chat and explain what was going on for them. There was a great feeling of soul love, camaraderie, friendship and understanding. The reason for that life experience was for her to learn to stand for herself. She was filled with love when her soul friends explained all this to her. Some of soul energies were recognized again as her close friends and members of her family in this life.

Quick profound body therapy was also needed so she invited different power animals that helped to find the eyes, dig herself out of the dirt, breath, clean and heal her body and put the eyes back in the sockets. Client also needed to warm up and at last hit the tribe people back. For stimulating the stuck energy to release it a prop was used. She chose to keep this feeling of connection and love in the post hypnotic suggestion.

Final healing for the body and connection with her spirit guide was established too.

After the session the client felt very different and amazingly well. She started eating more just a few days after the session and within 2 weeks she began eating everything normally, consequently put up her normal healthy weight and resumed her young life. She used to suffer eye infections all her life, which, two weeks after the session worsen for a few days and then disappeared completely. It has been 2 years now, her life goes on with no sign of previous distress, and she certainly enjoys being with her friends.