BERNADETTE Retreat - Basque Country

3 DAYS (64250 Itxassou, Nouvelle Aquitaine)

Intensive 3-day treatment and spiritual growth and grounding.

Since 2005 I have been living here, I have noticed that the greatest effect of healing is when it takes place in complete separation from everyday ordinary life. People have a chance to dive deep within themselves and establish communication with their soul if they are in an environment that encourages curiosity to cross their own boundaries and comfort zone. Therefore, people who have benefited from this intensive treatment (clients of many nationalities and distant countries) experience a kind of permanent rebirth, happily returning to their original "I" existence. There is lots of healing happening along the way when spiritual understanding is grounded in the body and with the energy of green, lush living nature. The deep, where the continental plates meet and make the Pyrenees grow, and the huge Atlantic tides, will boost your energy. The connection of the Earth and heavens will anable you easily to access the Universe and wisdom of your soul. And as you are resting, a harmonizing process is taking place within you, re-setting your energy, toughts, emotions, attitudes, understanding and your body too. And if you help it with your focused intention and the will to explore and heal you become what your soul is. The unconditional soul you are that has a part to play in this world today. Welcome to experience.

I will work with you for 3 days (usually 1 session / day, 3-6 hours, depending on you)

We will do:

Holistic regression therapy - finding the beginnings of your problems and healing them at all levels,

Spiritual regression between lives - finding reasons for your incarnation, insights and an understanding of relationships and your issues, past lives and current life review, perspective of your soul, meeting with your spirit guides, tuning into your own abilities, capacities wisdom and strength.

What else we can do:

Trips according to your mood, weather and time - options: Itxassou, Roland's Path, river Nive and a spring, Cromlech Artzamendi - drive and hike with a view of the Pyrenees and the Atlantic, Cambo les Bains for a little walk in the spa, spring, Sare - mountain village and prehistoric caves with museum, village of Espelette red peppers, Saint Jean Pied de Port - pilgrim town connecting the Camino roads (ascending to Roncesvailles), prehistoric caves (Spain Urdax, France Oxocelhaya, Sare) Zugarramurdi (Spain) - village with history of witches, museum, caves, stone circles, menhir, Anglet and Biarritz the Atlantic Coast, all around no more than 1 hour drive one way. Trips to caves have to be booked in advance. And if you would like to stay an extra day we can go to Lourdes and Hautes Pyrénées - whole day trip (2.5 - 3 hours drive 1 way).

Reiki healing sessions.

The price only for therapy for 3 days is 800 euros (discount for returning customers, please remind me)

Reiki session is extra 40 euros.

If you drive with me in my car for the local trip add 100 euros for a trip with me.

It is necessary to add accommodation 55 -75 euros/night B&B at Madame Chantal at Gure Gostuan

I can bring you from and take you to Biarritz airport or train station and take you to do your food shopping for no extra cost. Possibility to dine is in restaurants in Itxassou (walk), or in Cambo les Bains or the coast - Biarritz, Anglet (by car) or just warm up your food in the B&B. Most clients do combination of all, according to how they feel after the sessions.

We work at my home, at Izar Ederra - Beautiful Star- in a separate part of the typical Basque house. You have 10 minutes to walk from your B&B, but I can pick you up by car and bring you back if you prefare.

The duration of the therapy is determined by your ability to focus, and stay in hypnotic trance, your motivation to heal and discover your soul. Each session and each day (3-6 hours / day) is up to you and always builds on a work from previous day.

After therapy it is usually necessary to take some rest. After that I am available (with a car) for excursions in the area. If you like to do your hikes and discovey of the surroundings by yourself I am happy to give you advice according to your interests.

If you come with another person and you both want therapy, you need to add an extra 1-2 days if I'm working with you in the morning and afternoon. It is not possible to do two spiritual regressions per day and I will not be available for trips thereafter. We can agree on the most convenient way for you, don't hesitate to write to me or call.

I usually take your filled in intake questionnaire and confirmation of your flight/train and accomodation as a gaurantee that you come for the retreat on the dates we have set together. I can ask you for a deposit if you drive. I do not take payments in advance, clients are happy to do bank transfer or pay cash in full the first day they arrive. It is better to plan at least 6 weeks ahead about the time you would like to come.

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