BERNADETTE's Retreat - South West France, (Atlantic Pyrenees, Basque Country)


3 days to 6 days 1- 4 Participants 

Intensive treatment, spiritual growth and grounding. I use Hypnotherapy, Holistic Regression Therapy and Spiritual Regression Between Lives, to heal the root cause of issues weather it's in past lives, curent life or elswere. You will be working also with your body, to deblock the flow of your energy. We will be finding your souls purpose and purpose of your beiing in this life. We look into your relatioships, find your strengths, talents and gifts to bring or activate in your life. The retreat is centred around you and  your intentions for healing and discovery and I will be accompanying you. Every client is VIP as I see the soul behind the person I will be assisting you to find and heal whatever there is for you. 


Venue & Accommodation from 76 euros (single occupation, double occupation 96 euro) (plus 24% tax) in the Maison Izar Ederra in Basque, 64250 Itxassou, South West France. (Includs 1 hot meal on arriving and 1 breakfast on the first day, bottle of wine (Bordeaux, Rioja) Biarritz Airport or station pick up and bring back)  

Price for therapy package - 3 sessions:  800 euros  (discount for returning customers) (an extra session 100 euros)

(example of pricing tax included: 1 person, 4 nights, 3 therapy sessions 94x4 + 800 = 1176 euro. 1 person, 6 nights, 3 therapy sessions = 94x6 + 800 = 1364 euro.  2 persons, 4 nights, 3 therapy sessions 120x4 + 800 = 1280 euro. 2 persons 6 nights 120x6 + 800 = 1520 euro.) 

We will do:

Holistic regression therapy - finding the beginnings of your problems and healing them at all levels, in your own pace and free will. We will be using hypnosis, relaxation and memory of your body to safely recall and then to find solution to what bothers you.  You will be finally able to do what you could not back then, and so free yourself of what is no more relevant and re connect with who you are.   

Spiritual regression between lives - finding  reasons for your incarnation, insights and an understanding of your relationships, issues, past lives and current life review, perspective of your soul, soul groups and families, spirit guides, tuning into your own abilities, capacities wisdom and strength. We include anything what you are interested in searching for answers to your questions.

I will work with you - 1 session with 1 person per day, 3-6 hour long sessions. (Individual sessions according to your interests and intentions) *****

What else we can do (= extra charge - because of the ever changeble prices of petrol and payage we will discuss the price of our trips together) : Check our video from the trips

Trips: according to your mood, weather and time - options: 

Itxassou walks, Roland's Path and Charlamagne legend, river Nive, mountain river Laxia, church Saint Fructus - walking distance. 

Cromlech Artzamendi - drive and hike to cromlechs, views of the Pyrenees and the Atlantic coast, wild horses, most beautiful at sunset, (cca 3 hours,)

Cambo les Bains - for a little walk, coffee & cake, Friday morning  Basque market (short drive)

Espelette- village of red peppers (short drive, any time), 

Saint Jean Pied de Port - pilgrim mountain town connecting the Camino paths (ascending to Roncesvailles) (1/2h drive) 

Prehistoric caves (Spain Urdax, France Oxocelhaya, Sare) (must be booked in advance, 1/2 day) - not open during winter

Urdax (Spain) - Camino village with monastery, museum of contemprary Basque arts, best tapas! (any time)

Zugarramurdi (Spain) - village with history of witches, inquisition, museum, caves (most interested by clients), stone circles, menhir, (1/2 day, book in advance, cave not open in winter)

Anglet and Biarritz the Atlantic Coast (any time, best at sunset)

Lourdes - worldwide sought by pilgrims, place of Our Lady, the whole day trip.

Trips are an extra cost if you drive with me or I accompany you,  price may vary depending on seasonal conditions. 

I can pick you up and take you to Biarritz airport or train station and take you to do your food shopping. Possibility to dine is in restaurants in Itxassou (walk), or in Cambo les Bains or the coast - Biarritz, Anglet (car) or just warm up your food at home.  Most clients do combination of all. 

***** The duration of the therapy is determined by your ability to focus, and stay in hypnotic trance,  your motivation to heal and discover your soul. No previous experience is needed. Each session and each day (3-6 hours / day) is up to you and builds on a work from previous day. Only 1 session a day is possible. (In 3 or 6 days the sessions can be devided amongst you according to your needs) It is not possible to do two spiritual regression sessions per day. In case I do 2 sessions in a day - each one with different person,  I will not be available for trips thereafter. We can agree on the most convenient way for you, in advance or as we go. 

After sessions it is usually necessary to take a rest. After that I am available (with a car) for excursions in the area. If you like to do your hikes and discovey of the surroundings by yourself I am happy to give you advice according to your interests.  

I will take your filled in intake questionnaire (after the initial email I will send you the form) and payed deposit (1/3 of the price for stay and therapy*) to guarantee your place (I will send you payment details and confirmation). The rest of the price will be payed at the beginning of your stay either by transfer or cash. Trips are an extra pay in cash, food cost is not included and is completely up to you.  It is better to plan at least 6 weeks ahead about the time you would like to come over.

(Drug use, even recreational, and meds influencing brain chemisty (antidepresants, sleeping pills) are contraindications.  Rigid spiritual, religious or racial believes are likely to hinder soul discovery and prevent deep healing. Coming to therapy and soul discovery with open mind will give you the best results) 

More about retreats and therapies in France you find on Counselling in France 

Since 2005 I have been living here, I have noticed that the greatest effect of healing is when it takes place in complete separation from everyday ordinary life. In another country, another language, with different food, different thoughts... People have a chance to dive deep within themselves out off their usual cultural believes and conditions. They establish communication with their soul  easier if they are in an environment that encourages curiosity, they can cross their own boundaries and comfort zone. People who have benefited from this intensive retreat (clients of many nationalities and countries) experience a kind of rebirth, able to return to their original "I" existence. There is lots of healing happening along the way when spiritual understanding is grounded in the body and with the energy of green, lush living nature. The deep, where the continental plates grind and make the Pyrenees grow, and huge Atlantic tides, will boost your energy. The connection of the Earth and heavens will anable you to access the Universe and wisdom of your soul. We chat over coffe or on a trip we take together about things you are interested in or care about. Visiting places in Nature or pilgrimage to Lourdes, apperently make a lot of difference for people. And as you are relaxing by yourself, a harmonizing process is taking place within you, re-setting your energy, toughts, emotions, attitudes, understanding and your body too. And if you help it with your focused intention and the will to explore and heal you become what your soul is. The soul  who you are has a part to play in this world today.  Welcome to experience.