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Bernadeta Hodková

I was born in Prague, Czech Republic. When from political reasons I was unable to study psychology at Prague University at a student age my interest naturally turned towards studying languages, traveling and consequently teaching. Since my young age I felt that what I learn myself can be useful for others and so soon I started sharing my discoveries and new skills with other people.

Becoming a mother myself, more joy came to my life and my interest extended into energy healing and mind power. While bringing up my kids I was teaching Russian and English, working in creative teams in the advertising industry, doing copywriting and translating, and continuing to study. I draw information, knowledge and wisdom from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds and from different perspectives on human existence (psychology, body-mind, metaphysics, science and spirituality). The realisation of the healing capacities within ourselves opened another dimensions for me and changed my understanding of why I am here and life in general. Being able to assist others in their search for getting-better is an awesome experience.

I live in South West France (in the Basque Country, near Biarritz) and have a private practice in Regression and Past Life Regression Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression, Reiki energy healing. My orientation is extended by continually passing on my knowledge to others and by further study. I teach reiki, past life regression therapy and spiritual regression courses to curious people. Totally immersed in the grandeur of the Pyrenean mountains, and charged by the strength of Atlantic waves, I tend to draw on nature’s beauty and power in all that I do.

My students are from many different countries and cultures and they are my ongoing motivation.

My large family is for me a wonderful classroom filled with glowing love, constant learning and so much fun.

Memberships and their links

Graduate of Past Life Regression Academy

Member of: the EARTh (European Association for Regression Therapy) and Spiritual Regression Therapy Association

Co-founder of: Getting Better

Getting Better is insured by Towergate Professional Liability Insurance for Complementary Therapies.