GB Holistic Regression Therapy TRAINING

This training is also available in French and Czech

GB Holistic Regression Therapy Training

of 3 Modules

Head Trainer - Bernadeta Hodkova

The program offers:

Theory, demonstrations, practical exercises with tutors’ supervision, skill self and peer assessment, assistance with self-healing on all levels during the lasting of the course study. Students will be taught to bring clients to own healing, using various tools and skills of regression therapy. They will be motivated to work on healing self and expand their own capacities to help others. Every student will be approached individually considering own talents. The study will finish by students having successfully conducted sessions with 6 different clients (written summary, recorded, tutor assessment and feedback) In these sessions students will show their knowledge of all skills and tools taught during the course included clients’ satisfaction with the obtained healing results. They will have reading and writing tasks to further deepen their knowledge. Students’ own professional and personal progress will be supported. At the end of the study students will obtain diploma in GB Holistic Regression Therapy.

This program is accredited by Earth. Students will be able to become members without further screening.

Condition for application: Students must be over 18, with certain practice in working with people (teachers, coaches, trainers, therapists, medical personnel and assistants, also other professions welcome) and have some understanding and experience of energy healing. They must be free of medicals influencing brain chemistry (drugs, medicals). They must be motivated, curious and willing to stretch their minds, hearts, and open their own capacity.

For more information and other requests contact:

Head Trainer - Bernadeta Hodkova

Program of 3 follow up 6 day modules, (each building on the knowledge of the previous one) during the period of 2 years.

Module 1 (6 days)

Hypnosis and hypnotic skills used in regression therapy, *

navigation through past lives,

point of past life death,

realm of spirits,

energy releasement part 1,

overcoming blocks part 1,

resonance with current life,

healing relationships on spirit level,

closing up the sessions part 1.

Therapist ethics, hygiene, grounding part 1.

Between units students’ assignments

Module 2 (6 days)

Non hypnotic skills used in regression therapy,

working with symptoms,

working with body, thoughts and emotions – bridging techniques

working with catharsis,

power animals, energy of Earth (shamanic approach)

energy releasement part 2,

overcoming blocks part 2,

shortcuts in regression,

transformation of emotions,

integration of lost parts and qualities,

client intake screening,

closing up sessions part 2


gathering and keeping client’s data and progress.

Self energy check, protection and clearing part 2, distance peer work.

Module 3 (6 days)

Regression of current life,

clearing childhood trauma, healing inner child

integrating lost energy,

energy releasement part 3,

hypnosis for installing lasting healing effect,

self help tools for client,

deep hypnosis,

working with "unusual" memories,

working with difficult clients,

learning flexibility and intuition to alternate skills in the sessions,

distance assistance to clients,

proxy work,

measuring symptoms.

Meditation and channeling for guidance and assistance, connecting with nature.

Setting up practice.

Topics of the units may be altered according to students’ needs.

*Hypnotic tools taught in this course are exclusively used for regression therapy and do not replace full hypnotherapy training.

Price: 800 euro/ module (included supervision on home case studies).

500 euro deposit for all units advance payment 2 months before the first module.

Other arrangements are possible on request, don’t hesitate to ask.

Deposits are not refundable. Getting Better reserves the right to withdraw a student from the study in case the student is unable to meet the requirements of the course. In this case there would be no refund.

Price includes course materials, course tutor, in between module assistance up to 5 hours (supervision, feedbacks, assistance – Zoom, email, WhatAapp online) This price does not include accommodation.

Student Application Form to download on the bottom of this page please email to:



Venue and Accomodation: Hotel Gure Gostuan

Following ADVANCED TRAINING in Spiritual Regression

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