Medical Advance with Past Life Regression

Medical Advance with Past Life Regression

by Andy Tomlinson

My wife Reena is a psychologist and regression therapist like myself and was in deep thought. We had been discussing Brain Weiss, a psychiatrist who had bravely written about past life regression helping heal one of his patients over twenty years ago. Yet many in the medical profession still dismissed his work. She reminded me that I had trained several medical doctors and psychiatrists around the world to use past lives for transformational healing. She had the idea of bringing them together to do research that would change the minds of the medical world. I mulled this over. Training doctors was one thing, gathering them from around the world to agree to work together was entirely different. Yet I knew it had to be done.

Although there has been research by therapists showing the effectiveness of past life regression, none of it had been published in medical journals. So why was there a reluctance to publish this? Perhaps because the ‘spiritual’ aspect causes many medical doctors in the west to distance themselves from it from either fear of the medical establishment traditional views or thinking that it may clash with their religious views. Yet medical doctors’ in many countries are a gatekeeper in directing patients for treatment. So getting information to them about the therapy and how it can help is important. Also with medical approval the public perception of the therapy improves.

I decided not only to approach all the medical doctors I had trained but also those trained by my colleagues. The focus were those working with regression therapy, because it has a single international standard and is a therapy and goes further than past life regression and includes current life regression. It does not try and prove a past life is real but allows the emerging stories to help in the healing process.

In April 2013 in Porto, Portugal 14 medical doctors and 5 psychologists gathered for a two-day workshop. From this meeting it was decide to create an association called the Society forMedical Advance with Regression Therapy Its mission to bring about the integration of regression therapy into medicine, and to do this through the development of medical research using regression therapy and promoting the research to the medical fraternity and the general public. The research activities can be seen on the website

One of the ideas that came from the meeting was to write a book aimed for the general public with contributions by different doctors. While an individual doctor’s work can be dismissed by skeptics, a group presenting consistent findings is much more powerful. It’s like an individual stick can be broken but a bunch of sticks are incredibly strong.

One of the medical members at the meeting was Dr. Peter Mack who had already published two best-seller books about how regression therapy heals. His first book Healing Deep Hurt Within tells the story of an amazing transformational journey of a young female nurse. She had depression, insomnia, dissociative amnesia, suicidal thoughts, auditory hallucinations and flashbacks. When the traditional medical approached did not work he used past life regression. This rapidly brought her out of the depths of despair and helped her to move on in life. His second book Life-Changing Moments in Inner Healing tells the healing storiesof four of his patients using regression therapy. They had a variety of symptoms including insomnia, fearful dreams, water and snake phobia, procrastination, rage, loss of memory, fear of success, fear of public speaking and unexplainable pain.

Peter offered to be an editor of the new book and work with five other medical doctors. So just over a year later the fruits of this work is now available in the book Inner Healing Journey – a Medical Perspective (ed) Peter Mack. The book tells the stories of eleven patients who were taken to the source of their problem in past lives to clear deep-seated emotions that had been causing chronic emotional problems, relationship issues and medical conditions unresponsive to traditional medicine

The book is written to be an absorbing read and bring new hope to the public, and to inspire medical professionals.