NEW EVENT  Meditation & E.T. Contact (CE5) Monte Perdido

Monte Perdido. Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (UFO), Meditation with Ricardo González.

Monte Perdido. Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (UFO), Meditation with Ricardo González. (This article was written in Czech for online magazine  and English for Spiritual Regression Therapy Association in December 2022)

NEW EVENT 16,17,18 June 2023 

Do UFOs exist? What does a meeting with them look like? Are there any scientific studies on UFO encounters? Where can you discover more about this topic and where might one go to have such a meeting? You will learn this and much more in the article by Bernadeta Hodková, who has experienced contact with Extra Terrestrial intelligence (not only under Monte Perdido) and openly shares her own experiences and some established facts with us.

How It All Began

During the long idleness of the last few years, I read the extensive publication Beyond UFOs The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non-Human Intelligence. Volume I, ed. Rey Hernandez etc. (Edgar Mitchell Foundation into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences, 2018).

It is an extensive, almost eight-hundred-page scientific work (and this is only the first volume!) which brings together more than 3,500 cases of encounters (attention, encounters, not just observations) with Extra Terrestrials, which, in this book are called "Extra Terrestrial Intelligent Entities". Since it is a scientific publication, UFOs are called UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) as NASA changed the name due to declassification.

The book contains statements of ordinary people who answered seven hundred research questions about encounters with extraordinary phenomena. These were asked in such a way that one could recognize whether the experiences were true or not. The descriptions of these experiences and answers also interested me in connection with the statements of clients of Dolores Cannon who wrote extensively on this topic in her series of books called Convoluted Universe. They are transcripts of sessions with people in deep hypnotic trance assisted by Dolores. Statements from sessions of "Spiritual Regression Between Lives" and “Holistic Regression Therapy” conducted by myself were eerily similar. And so, my old sense of curiosity propelled me on a journey - how to get to know more.

In 2005, this desire - how to get to know more - led me from Michael Newton's books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls to study in the U.K. Yet before you climb the Everest (as I call the journey of discovering the wisdom of your soul) and return safely back (if not grounded the wisdom is yet again useless), you must endure a lot of training.

I started Reiki over 20 years ago in Prague and continued after moving to France in 2005. On the way my curiosity to discover one's own abilities and continuity of the soul I trained in Clinical Hypnosis followed by Regression Therapy and only after I was able to train in Spiritual Regression Between Lives at the Regression Academy. My trainings were led by Andy Tomlinson, with links to Michael Newton’s school. For 3 years I regularly flew from Biarritz France to the U.K. I learnt about the oneness of body and soul and about healing. There are no shortcuts to Everest, not even to the spiritual one. A helicopter can take you up to a certain height (in spiritual discovery certain substances inducing an altered state of consciousness can propel you forward) but the final ascent, the gradual self-healing and discovery everyone must do by themselves.

Only then did I start getting a bigger picture of who I am, why I am, and what I am all about here on Earth. This was my Everest.

Today I know how to prepare well for it. How to wait for "the weather window", that is

"when the heavenly gate of knowledge opens". I accompany the curious, courageous and searching pilgrims on their Spiritual Regression Between Lives. Conducted in our house called Beautiful Star that sits in the Pyrenees I teach those who also want to accompany others.

It is necessary to reach a certain "height" or "resonance" to tune into the higher wisdom of soul in order to retrieve knowledge. Safe return to material reality is a necessary part of the sessions. Only then does the whole “trip” make sense and is useful for the individual.

All this was practiced in the meeting and during the contact at Monte Perdido I am about to tell you.

My First UFO Encounter

Extra-terrestrial beings had not appeared to me during my U.K. trainings. I had to wait and work diligently for several more years.

Every now and then someone in one of my sessions talks about their little brothers from another planet showing up. Their statements and descriptions are rather shy, hesitant, surprised and disbelieving. In deep hypnosis they recognize how they are connected to other souls; they see their bond with planet Earth and experience its creations. They see and feel how our planet is rich in species of other beings, whether material or immaterial, their interactions and co-creations. Their experiences are authentic, humble, often accompanied by tears of bliss and sorrow, as they experience themselves being a part of it all. These people have no need to prove anything. They return from hypnosis with great humility and in silence, devoid of any desire to share their new knowledge of their origins and their present earthly mission. Each session leads to greater respect and reverence for other beings on Earth including those humans who present the greatest challenges for them. Their discovery leads to increased interest, and eventually actions, related to the protection of the planet and their species, the capacity for unconditional love, the view from the "height" of the Everest of the soul. People who have taken this journey afterwards carry an inner peace within themselves despite the chaos of the outside world. The knowledge of the affiliation of the soul to different alien races is not important here, in the human body on Earth. It carries the quality of vibration and of activity that goes with it. Experiences of this knowledge do not serve to build reputations or spiritual egos.

When I was about 7 years old, my family and I observed a large orange UFO. It was moving in a strange way between the villages of Čakov and Jankov in the Šumava foothills. Our house is on the mountain top overlooking the fields and mountains. On that summer night, my younger cousin and I were exceptionally allowed to watch TV very late. Suddenly an orange light lit up the curtains from the outside. It was an orange ball of light. It moved horizontally without any sound, beams of its orange light illuminating the field below then shining up and down and to the sides. It lit up the mountain range. After a few minutes of doing this in irregular intervals, dimming and shining, it whizzed towards Jankov and disappeared. There were six of us observers. We had a strange feeling of being observed by this orange light presence. Many years later I felt a similar presence in a crop circle in Wiltshire, England. It was a bit overwhelming and I didn't like it very much.

From time to time, I have returned to this event lodged in my memory. Now after having read Beyond UFOs, anything I look at, be it in books or on the internet, leads me in the same direction. In the I AM Discourses of Saint Germain I randomly opened the page about the ‘Ascended Masters of the Himalayas and the Pyrenees’. I kept searching for more about the Pyrenean Masters but found nothing online in either French or Spanish. Various sources I found mentioned the ‘White Brotherhood’ as channelled by Madame Blavatsky, but nothing more specific about who they were or where they were.

Ricardo Gonzáles and the aliens

Soon the YouTube algorithm offered me a video where Paola Harris, an American investigative journalist, talks about her meeting on Mount Shasta. I heard about Mount Shasta in California first-hand from friends. Paola Harris also tells a story about how at a certain lake in Peru the local people begged her to tell the aliens to stop taking water from their lake. Apparently, they come with their ships and suck the water out of this lake. The locals did not understand why Paola would not be able to do that. She is a journalist after all! But Paula could not believe what she was hearing. This topic was a matter to smile about, not something real! And here - aliens exist. They appear and take water from the lake. Paola then tells about Mount Shasta. Contactee and Experiencer Ricardo Gonzalez invited her to assist in a meeting with aliens from the planet Apu. Ricardo has written several books about his meetings, only one in English translation. Without a second thought I purchased his book Contact From Planet Apu – Beings From the Future Amongst Us. Ricardo’s description and the messages of Antarel from Apu reminded me again of some of the sessions I had conducted, the books of Dolores Cannon, Mary Rodwell and the stories of two French girls who had experienced such a contact. Via DuckDuckGo I found a meeting to be held with Ricardo Gonzalez at Monte Perdido in the Pyrenees, just a three-and-a-half-hour drive from home. Amazing! I had been there twice with my family on a trip many years ago. We saw a rock bolder that looked like an alien head. The stare spooked us. My kids just pointed and said: ‘They live here’ Little did I know…

I don’t how I got to the Spanish ‘link’; I don’t remember. I don’t speak Spanish. Yet I signed up at once for the meeting "Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (UFO), Meditation with Ricardo González” - in Spanish!

Before I get on to this whole story of channelling, extra-sensory communication, incredible nature and sky watching, I have to mention all the other sources that I had bypassed.

I will, of course, also mention the channelled messages which had already been communicated.

Dead Ends

I follow my gut feeling in my quests but if there is no enthusiasm – even if I would really like there to be and even if I tell myself that I should be enthusiastic, or I try to I convince myself that something is definitely a good idea – it somehow never happens for me. Things that are meant for me will come to me by themselves. And so Dr Steven Greer’s ‘CE5 Contact’ avoided me. As had, when back in Prague, the regression therapy school teaching Hubbard Dianetics – yes it still exists! Several other sources skimmed past me, including one by a French contactee offering ‘Contact’ not for $3,500 like Mr. Greer (with five days in the desert), but for 300 Euros (for two nights in an unspecified area of the Pyrenees, diet and meditation “I will teach you")... Human spiritual egos have no limits and beware of them.

Yes, aliens have appeared and are still appearing in the Pyrenees. There are many records of this. There are many places where there have been apparitions of light. Sometimes as a figure who is very often interpreted as the Virgin Mary. Lourdes, with Our Lady (Notre Dame), is not the only place that the Holy Church has appropriated. The places of apparitions have been marked by chapels, churches, monasteries and healing springs. Of course, countless cromlechs, menhirs, dolmens and prehistoric cave paintings up to 30,000 years old also belong to the abundance of mystical places in the Pyrenees. Calls to humility, love and forgiveness are common to all contactees and visionaries.

I drive and walk the mountains alone. With my sleeping bag, tent and dogs. I know the night sky, I know what satellites look like, airplanes, meteorites and how mountains form clouds. I know the light phenomena of the sun, the moon, the humidity of the air and the mountains. I have lived with a pilot, a glider instructor, for over twenty years. I know what the UFO looked like over Šumava. I know some stars, planets... I have a particular aversion to mass events, so I avoid both pilgrims and tourists on my trips. People distract me. I don't want to follow anyone, nor do I want anyone to follow me. When I teach, I pass on the tools, but I insist that everyone find their own way to use them. We all have different missions and abilities. Although it doesn't look like it, I am a sceptic and I don't believe in anything unless I try it myself. I trust the perceptions of others and take them seriously, but that doesn't mean I believe what they see. Enough of religion and following. We are each our own being with the divine spark that makes us. There is no need for intermediaries. Let us search for ourselves. Find your own spark. On YouTube, Ricardo simply tells a story of what had happened to him, what he had learned and what he understood. He conveys what he sees and hears. He looks ordinary and honest, has a pleasant and sincere smile, a good look. Honesty can be felt even on YouTube! It is 85 Euros for organization, that’s half of my weekly shopping. The cost including petrol, food and camping is more than acceptable. I'm on.

The meeting at Monte Perdido had been postponed from September 2021 to June 2022. Sometimes you just have to wait until the passageways between dimensions are set up. So, I understand.

Channelling, hypnosis, meditation – natural abilities

Since a significant part of my existence on Earth consists of communication and interpretation, channelling during Spiritual Regression sessions feels completely natural to me. Thanks to my work, I discovered that almost everyone is capable of such communication and that it is no more difficult than telepathically calling your children to get in touch, or calling your cat to come home. Just like your mom calls you the moment you think of her. Once, back in the days of existence without mobile phones, I telepathically called my niece. I was supposed to pick her up at a cafe, but because my baby was sleeping in the car I couldn't leave the car. So, I telepathically called my niece to come down to the garage, where I was in my car waiting. She came 10 minutes later with a headache, saying she hadn’t understood why she had had the urge to go to the garage. My kids and I literally read each other’s minds.

I believe we are literally swimming in fields of thoughts. Their absence is noticeable when you are alone, like in the mountains. On the way down into civilization, the thought field thickens in proportion to the population density. I can feel it when I sit in the plane before landing. With channelling you actually rise above or beyond ordinary human thoughts and you can focus on "higher" perceptions. Meditating while mowing grass is an excellent way to find your own path. Zazen meditation or skiing works the same. Hypnosis in my sessions is actually just a lying down form of meditation, with me talking with you. The brain in trance, whatever we call the trance, cannot simultaneously think of questions, collect answers and analyse them in the present. The analysis always takes place from the level of higher consciousness, the soul self.

In hypnotic trance the ability to distinguish between true and false is enhanced. Mind in an altered state of consciousness induced in a natural way (without the use of added substances) goes where own intention leads it. Communication with a higher self, with a spiritual guide, with an E.T., or even with our "future" self can take the form of images, words or phrases and entire concepts. The channeler must somehow translate it all into human words. It is not great science, just an ability that we have ceased using due to civilization, past life blocking and now also artificial intelligence. We are slowly dusting it off again.

Personal Encounters with E.Ts – experiences of my clients

There are probably a lot of people who have been contacted, that is they have been called this way by their E.T. relatives. Some talk about these contacts and thanks to them an attempt can be made to compile a scientific publication. Yet many people are simply silent about these contacts. I hear about them only very timidly from my clients, only when our mutual trust deepens. With their permission I published a few of these cases in an article called ‘E.Ts research. Experiences’, edited by David Graham.

My very first case totally freaked me out as a beginner. When a client in hypnosis during spirit/energy release said, "I can see an alien", I screamed in my mind, "Noooo, just don't give me an alien!" After a few weeks, I took the notes from this session to write about as required for the regression therapy diploma at the Regression Academy. The recording of this session simply disappeared. As usual, as a beginner, I had written down this session verbatim in my usual scrappy handwriting. But then suddenly, and unusually neatly, almost in typeface, a dialogue with this alien was written down. Literally as the client channelled him. In short, he said that he was with the client because of his emotions, that he was studying them, that he was here on Earth to study emotions. When I asked how he got to him, he replied that he joined him in the forest when the client was feeling sad. He was intrigued, so he stayed with him. I

strongly objected (I always defend the client's comfort under all circumstances) that the client did not invite him, that we have free will here on Earth and that therefore he has no business being with him. The E.T. apologized, thanked him politely and went off to join his own folk. The rest of the session was written again in my usual sloppy handwriting. I stared in horror at my notes. The conversation with the alien simply did not exist in my memory. Even my client, who was greatly relieved after the session, had no awareness of it as he confirmed later. The original transcript of the session has also disappeared, only the notes for my diploma exist.

Meeting at Monte Perdido

The trip to the Ordesa - Monte Perdido National Park, in the Spanish part of the Pyrenees, took place in June 2022. It is called ‘Contact with Extra Terrestrial intelligence, Meditation, Ricardo Gonzalez’. A friend of mine was not enamoured by my planned trip but decided to join me anyway. I was determined to go even alone. We took our tents, beach chairs, sleeping bags and some food.

In the Ordesa National Park camping is not permitted anywhere other than the Pineta campsite. Sleeping in the open is out of the question as patrols run through the park almost non-stop. We decided that not knowing Spanish would not be an obstacle for us. E.Ts communicate telepathically, whole concepts, please, not words. Humans gesture and we smile. It will work. Pineta is a valley with the clear glacial river, Cinca, flowing from Monte Perdido – Lost Mountain. Lost because it looks like it's missing the pointy top. Pineta is at an altitude of 1,300 meters above sea level and Monte Perdido rises with its waterfalls to a height of 3,355 meters. Intoxicating smell of pine trees and the heat of 30°C, dry and sunny. Our organisers are Diego Cintas, who looks like a sprightly medieval monk from the nearby Huesca monastery, Rosa his wife with cheerful eyes that see through you, and a huge Pyrenean crossbreed dog. We understood something about when and where we should meet in the evening.

Below the campsite there is a meadow bordered by trees. The sun is just setting behind the top of the rocky mountains. 200 people are gathered, each with a folding chair, some know each other and greet each other warmly. Spanish is loud and a small crowd makes quite a noise in nature. Ricardo introduces himself; the microphone works, we sit and enjoy. It has cooled down, we observe each other. We are here. Will we see THEM? Will they come to wave at us? My friend and I are guessing about what Ricardo is saying. Apart from the two of us, no one speaks English here. We feel like little girls on an adventure, even though we're both well over 50. People are smiling and under the pine trees with dew on the grass there's a sense of peace and well-being. The campsite is full of participants. In front of the tent my friend and I open a red Syrah wine from neighbouring Navarre. It tastes like the rocky mountains with pine trees full of sun.

In the morning we still had time for a café con leche – two coffees with milk – in the camp cafe, and we all settle down again with our chairs in a circle under the trees bordering the meadow. It will be warm, the sun is already burning, everyone is smiling. Everyone is different – the clothes, make-up, chairs, cameras, shoes, hats, caps, drinking bottles. We are gathered here from all kinds of places and walks of life. It reminds me of a scene from the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. All those who had a premonition and felt the call, despite the obstacles, gather at the landing field behind Devil's Mountain and wait, wait for them to arrive. At that moment anything is possible and everything is fine.

Ricardo talks about his first experience with Antarel of Apu. He speaks very clearly. However, he will tell only a small part of his story; he probably feels that he must not rush us. I understand that you need to prepare. Antarel is a biological entity over three meters tall from a planet called Apu. Ivika is smaller and they both look very human. Sometimes they show themselves as a hologram, but at other times they come in person, always at the agreed time and place on planet Earth. They need certain climatic conditions because they breathe the same air as us. Their energy is much stronger and different to the human energy here on Earth, so caution is needed on their part and on our part as well.

Meditation is led by Ricardo, standing with hands in the empty centre. I understand every word here and I feel that we are floating above the ground, touching the smell of pine trees, the murmur of the waterfall and other realms. Inhale, hold, exhale... There's something in our centre even though I can't see anything but the churning air. I feel a presence, more of an energy than a being and my hands turn red with heat. I have a strong sense of the connection between the hearts of all the participants. Absolute peace. Hermanos humanos. The brotherhood of man. With the intention of expanding this energy we send the consciousness of human brotherhood into the present war conflict. In my heart I'm still hugging my kids and their loved ones and it's already lunch break. What? So, they didn't show up? I didn't see them. And if I saw them I'd probably faint. So, no.

After lunch, instead of a siesta, my friend and I walk to the glacial river. I give thanks that we were allowed to be born here on Earth. The indescribable beauty, the play of light in the mountains and transparent water, through green leaves and yellowed grass, the sun sucks the scent from the pine trees and the roar of falling waterfalls reaches us. So how is it then? Do they live here in those rocks? I think about E.T. biological entities, the non-existence of time, space travel, the interweaving of dimensions, linear experience, repetition of civilizations.

Before this trip, I conducted two channelling courses at home with wonderful ladies from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Apart from other more personal things, we also learned a lot about those who are young children today. It all makes sense to me now. It is as if the entire planet is changing from old rags to new skin, including everything and everyone on it and in it. The new suit for Earth is far from finished. Just like those souls who have now come from elsewhere and do not know the planet Earth, they come with important tasks that they have determined for themselves. They have chosen their parents and the conditions for their birth. They are experts, but they don't know Earth. And so they need to be helped to learn to inhabit a human body. To eat human food, to learn human emotions and finally human games. Those who already know Earth are helping them now, so that the little ones on Earth can do what they came here to do. Karma is a word that doesn't apply to them. They don't wear those old rags anymore.

Thanks for being here. I stare at the white rocks. Eternity. The planet resonates with other planets and stars. Sometimes tectonic plates, oceans, volcanoes, feelings, thoughts and beliefs chime harmoniously, at other times they screech a cacophony. Solar activity affects not only the Earth but also the entire solar system, vibrations, habits, energy, magnetic orientation and so on. I suddenly understand and feel astrology ‘live’. The mountains hum like Buddhist gongs, the sounds reverberate and permeate everything. I listen to the waterfalls and the resonance of the surrounding mountains. I'm going to lie down in the ice water and give my body a little rough wake up.

In the afternoon, Ricardo talks about a lot of things that, fortunately, I already know in English from the same sources. He talks interestingly about his Peru, South America, and about herbs and spirits. Then people ask about the subject of souls, incarnations on Earth and alien abductions. And once again I hear the same notes as the book Beyond UFOs. There are many races and they have many goals. Earth is unique. During the Earth’s development many civilizations existed and disappeared. Even Antarel comes from the future so that we can understand and not repeat the same mistakes. I understand and it seems to me that we as humans are not very well designed. After all, greed, envy, jealousy and the desire for power are simply part of us, imprinted onto the entire history of mankind. Is this perhaps a genetic error? Or a deliberate hiccup? I find it unfair that with our genetic make-up we are expected to make such a dramatic change during our ascension. I don't want to completely give up indulging in chocolate, nor my vanity about clothes. I know Utopia is not the land for me. I love humanity. We are amazing! I keep hearing that anyone from elsewhere can come to planet Earth. Various races, various consciousnesses. Earth is like a garden.

Experiments, yeah. It is just like with our earthly co-habitants but on the bigger scale. As Ricardo talks I recall being told of a first-hand encounter, involving a case of a mutilated sheep. It was not done by human hand. I also recall a documentary saying that horseshoe crabs “don’t mind” and “recover” after being drained of their blood, blood which serves as a binder in human medicines. Shark finning for soup is maybe like the elks being kidnapped by UFOs in Canada as reported by David Paulides in his film Missing 411. Linda Moulton Howe has been investigating animal mutilation for harvesting genetic material. They refer to the absence of emotions, compassion and artificial intelligence.

Ricardo continues. Some E.Ts come to heal us, they take us to their vessels at night. He tells about his own experience on the Apu vessel. It reminds me of my dream about a circular craft above the Earth, which I have been to a few times. An experience of one of my clients comes to mind. He was taken in his sleep by his E.T. little brothers. They showed him how to work with light. In a past life he was a doctor and exorcist, in his current life he heals with sound vibrations. On the UFO ship he understood how a light invisible to the eye corrects the vibrations in the body. Other cases are found in Dolores Cannon's books and in book Beyond UFO. E.Ts took people to their ships and straightened their spines. They healed the heart. They removed the cancer. Implants? Yes, just like we chip our dogs, they keep an eye on us. I am thinking - How far are we in human evolution from all this with CRISPR and Neuralink? Pretty close I guess.

See the bigger picture. Mary Rodwell - the "UFO lady" hypnotherapist in Australia. Once we get beyond the fear we understand what is really going on. Humanity needs to get beyond fear. Beyond the boundaries that we build for ourselves with our fear. Healing the causes of the fear leads to understanding and peace. We have a lot more work to do here than just resolving those karma issues we like so much to poke into. This too is a fault of human design. Healing is just untying the energetic knots we have tied ourselves up in. I see these knots in my work.

Are they from the future? Yes, yes, too. A bit of astrophysics, quantum and string theory, Michio Kaku, Rupert Sheldrake... Time is just a linear progression of the present. My head, although well protected from the sun, is about to explode. Everything makes sense to me. Everything. Everything is. Although Ricardo continues his talk, I stop paying attention. My human brain needs to shut off the information flow and cool down. So, when the violence ends on Earth they'll stop flying here for genetic samples? Different vibrational length.

At some point I feel that we all fell asleep, or that we are all out of body, in the absolute safety of this huge presence of living mountains. In the warm arms and in perfect harmony we form a material and immaterial whole of peace, the consciousness of the whole universe.

About fifty metres from me, a group of people interrupts the calm talk: "Mira, mira!" Look! Look! Airplanes fly over the Pyrenees almost non-stop, but this one is alone in the sky now. Everyone is now looking at it as it flies at a great height. People clearly see something there. Something is moving around the plane; I see it too, a flash of light like a reflection, but before I can reach for my glasses and binoculars the plane and its escort are already behind the trees. I am sceptical, people see what they want to see… What was it? My friend had put her chair aside, writing notes on her book about dragons; she hadn't noticed anything at all.

Break, back to civilisation, camp cafe and café con leche. After the break, we rearrange the chairs, as the earth turns around the sun is now burning where there was previously shadow. Heat radiates from the rocks, but the birds continue to sing and the waterfalls murmur. Too bad I don't understand when people ask questions in Spanish. Should I learn another language? My friend continues to write, oblivious to all.

Another meditation. Messages come through channelling. But now I don't want to hear anything anymore, I just feel absolute connection, unity, wholeness, I am the smell of the pines and the roar of the waterfall, I am the coolness of the water and the singing of the birds, I am the chair I am sitting on, I am the yellow scarf in the hair of the lady next to me, I am the blades of grass, I am everyone else sitting in a circle, I am a soul and dance on Earth with my otherworldly friends. I am. I never want to leave here.

Dinner is held in a restaurant, but it's rather late for me, I would have liked to go to bed. Fortunately, I was at a table with the only two other participants in the meeting who happened to speak English. Everyone introduces themselves. When it comes to me and my work I pour myself a glass of the table wine, although I had intended not to. It woke me up. Explaining what I do always takes a long time and people have lots of questions. I talk between bites of fantastic roasted eggplant and a guy interprets what I'm saying to the group. They are very nice people, a bunch of friends from Spain and some from South America, aged 40 to 85. We will come to you they say as one voice. My cheeks are hurting from smiling. One of the men, deeply tanned, who looks like he'd been on the Camino de Compostela for several lifetimes, wraps his arm around me. "Te quiero Bernadeta, te quiero"... I love you. "I love you too" I reply. Happy to have met these souls as people.

After dinner at dusk, we pack our chairs into the cars and continue in procession a few kilometres up the road to the ‘parking’ right below the mountains. From there we continue walking – in the dark. With torches we settle in a large circle on the meadow directly below the mountain. Contact meditation in the dark. I try to keep my eyes open and watch the sky. It is beautiful and full of stars, the Milky Way and satellites and airplanes. I feel grateful to have this show every night, weather permitted, at home in the Beautiful Star, but I realise the sacredness of the moment for the people who have travelled from afar. Perhaps if everyone on Earth spent a night under the Milky Way every now and then, we as humanity would feel a much deeper sense of inner peace. Maybe. Although it occurs to me again that the human race is certainly not created to be wise: warring with each other under the starry skies. We are a kind of imperfect hybrid toy of our creators.

Ricardo is leading a meditation; someone is pointing a laser at whatever is moving in the sky. Divine beauty, but no UFOs. Instead of tuning in to messages from my E.T. friends I wrestle with my glasses string and binoculars. The streak in the mountain rock is softly glowing, and it is not a reflection of any light, there is no light source. I have to find out what kind of rock it is. We return to Pineta when it gets cold. In the tent I think with my heart about all the people in my life. There have been so many! I realise again how many soul groups I am in and why, I see again the multi-dimensional tapestry of souls I am part of. Then I am asking for a good night's sleep and I am sending love to my family, my kids and their loved ones, I feel that this is how peace spreads on Earth.

The next day at café con leche we all greet each other as if we were all buddies from previous lives. That is maybe not quite lives.

Ricardo and his otherworldly girlfriend are in a circle on the meadow. If there's anyone on Earth from the star Mintaka it's definitely that girl named Sol. They read from their channellings of last night. They encourage other people to read or share their perceptions and experiences. I don't understand any of it but I'm happy with them anyway. I feel like something physically happened to me. I feel very good here, even if I don't understand the language they speak. All the more I feel a kind of wholeness of being. Then meditation and thanksgiving with music produced by Mintaka, fair-haired Sol, in the middle of the Pyrenees below Monte Perdido.

A final farewell, no one wants to leave the meadow. It seems to me that everyone shines the smell of pines and they carry the echo of the waterfalls wherever they go. I finally meet Ricardo in person. I explain to him in English that I came from France but that I am originally from the Czech Republic. He is sincerely

happy and thankful that I came even though I don't speak Spanish. He speaks English alright and tells me to come with my Czech friends next time. I say yes, like I know anything is possible. We hug. What a boost! We laugh and someone takes a photo.

Over a late lunch we are fine-tuning the earthly contact with my friends from the previous evening, a teacher from Mallorca who is starting a Pleiadian school according to some concept channelled in Peru. Everything starts to get rushed so we quickly pack the tents and throw things in the car. We will definitely come again. Like in February 2020 when I felt on the Atlantic coast that a huge change was coming, I feel again that everything will be different. A whole new ease and flow and strength in being connected. As we descended back to France in the 35 degrees evening heat and get on the busy motorway, I realise how many different worlds are on this one planet. It is absolutely essential to be well in our earthly body if we want to travel in them.

In September, my husband, my friend and I returned to Monte Perdido, but I did not personally attend the Contact meeting that Diego organised. I wanted to walk through the mountains, say hello and "feel" the mountains, trees and waterfalls. The glacier on Monte Perdido is almost gone and will not recover until the next ice age. Who knows what it will look like in a hundred years. Monte Perdido will be here, but the river Cinca? … I think I won't be coming back to Earth for the next few centuries. Although... I love people! It is so amazingly beautiful here! So… yeah, I'll probably come to Earth again. Instead of the sky, this time I looked at the mushrooms, which are the communication network of the whole world, and photographed them. And I thought of writing this article for you.

If you decide to come to Ordesa National Park in June 2023 and take part in this meeting, Monte Perdido will take you in its arms and change something within you.

Message channelled by Ricardo and Sol

The UFO phenomenon / June 2022

New report on Monte Perdido

“At our meeting-workshop in Monte Perdido (Huesca, Spain) in 2022, I received the following message, preceded by several observations.”

Monte Perdido, June 18, 2022, 11:38 p.m.

Yes, write, I'm Ivika.

Our presence is subject to precise and necessary moments. You have understood the importance of going through this planetary process by paying attention to all that you have learned, trusting and continuing to move forward, overcoming trials and setbacks. But they also checked for timely support when needed. You are not going through this alone.

We understand the concerns of many regarding the armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia. In the scope of our limited actions, we will try to neutralize the abuse of subatomic energy, which is part of the space resource.

As on other occasions, we have followed your thoughts. We know you're wondering what to do. Do what you need to do right now, at this particular time, and don't get discouraged. We appreciate that many have chosen to continue, to stand strong, to connect and share.

We will be present at Mount Shasta (August 26-28, 2022) and together we will refine the steps to follow for the next phase of communication and contact.

What are our thoughts on the recent UFO declassification reports? There is a conflict of interests between those who want to announce our presence to people and those whose motto is to continue to hide the reality of contact. Gradually, however, everything will come to light. A chain of revelations will shake the world, from scientific reports on the nature of the universe and other dimensions to archaeological discoveries that will force humanity to re-evaluate history. Peru will be the key.

Keep your appointments at Monte Perdido. It's important.

Those who are called to attend this meeting will live and receive the understanding of what they will need.


In the near future they will undertake an expedition to a limited area of these mountains. They will camp there.

If one takes out their anger on the elements of the universe locked in weapons of destruction, they may see things they have never seen before. All the more we will be there, vigilant, to minimize the effects and help the human species recover from this. If the current armed conflict continues, when winter and frost come, there will also be desperation that can turn into a dangerous decision. We hope for the opposite.



I want to thank my invisible translators and Stephen for editing my text, my friend Fiona Robertson for her participation on the adventure, Diego Cintas for the impeccable organization of the event, Sol for her enthusiastic permission to quote her website and use her music, of course,

Ricardo Gonzalez for a timeless spiritual and earthly peaceful experience at the meeting.


And to you for reading this far.

Bernadeta Hodková, December 2022