Accident Trauma Release*

*Accident Trauma Release (ATR)- Relief of Trauma caused by Accidents

Accidents happen. Our body gets hit, banged, pummelled. We may even loose consciousness. Our body comes out of this bruised, broken and hurt. The same thing that happened to our body happened on the emotional and mental levels too. We are frightened, scared, angry, furious, hurting, frustrated, traumatised.

No chance to fight or flight and our energy gets stuck on the cellular level, preventing the body to heal completely. It causes pain and discomfort despite of rehabilitations or physiotherapy.We might have nightmares, ongoing pain despite of many physiotherapy and counselling sessions.

Accident Trauma Release works with the whole holistic self. Releases pent up energy from the physical body as well as emotions, thoughts. It picks up the broken pieces of ourselves and integrates them back to where and how they belong. Releases what’s not ours.

ATR is a gentle method to help bring back our balance and harmony after we had an accident. Though working with the body it does not manipulate it, in the natural focused attention trance state you’ll find all you need to do to restore your-self back again.

I often see that the accidents happening in the present life are related to similar body traumas in the past lives. Session focused on helping the body brings very quick relief.

Session of 1-2 hours depending on the problem.

Helps with:

Car/moto accidents

Sport accidents

Loss of consciousness


Induced aneasthetic

And many others…

(*Original method ATR developed by HansTenDam & Tasso International )