“Sometimes I wonder if innocent exploration, simply for the joy of it,

is given encouragement by the Universe."

L.M.Howe – Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles

Welcome to my doorstep on your own pilgrimage to “Getting Better”

I am a full-time mum, partner, therapist, teacher and curious explorer of life. My offer to your searching mind includes:


-Regression and Past Life Regression Therapy,

-Spiritual Regression Between Lives

-Reiki Healing Sessions, Attunments and Open Ateliers

-Energy Clearing and Recharging (also distance)

-Reading (also Zoom)

-BERNADETTE Retreat - Basque Country 3-6 days (Discovering and holistically healing past lives and current life, understanding soul missions and learnings)

- Getting Better School (English/Français/Česky)

- Spiritual Regression Course

- Holistic Regression Therapy Course

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*Hypnotic tools taught in these courses are exclusively used for regression therapy and do not replace full hypnosis training.

More about therapies and retreats in France you find on Counselling in France

My door is open to you whether you are seeking reasons, purpose, health improvement, overcoming obstacles and blockages, holistic healing or spiritual growth… and whether your aim is concrete or you are looking around to see what else there is for you.

The therapies I provide are effective for:

Repetitive health problems, consequences of accidents, inexplicable pains, infertility, social anxiety, selective mutism, phobias, panic attacks, trauma from accidents, obsessions, fears, feelings of incapacity, inadequacy, insomnia, migraine, feelings of not being able to do/say/feel something, relationship difficulties, addictions, guilt feelings, tension, eating disorders, nail biting, nightmares, anger, stress reduction, confidence building, increasing motivation, relaxation, spiritual awareness and a lot more.

The actual door to my practice you will find in South West France, (Aquitaine 64, Pyrenees Atlantique), near Biarritz, Bayonne in a beautiful village Itxassou set in breathtaking Basque Country scenery. The energies of the Earth and the Universe meet here in a unique way. ‘Cro-Magnon’ men already appreciated this area some 30,000 years ago. Literally at every step you will find power places, cromlechs, springs and caves and the paths of Camino de Santiago.

Welcome to experience yourself.

I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Regression and Past Life Regression Therapist, Life between Lives Regression Therapist with the diploma from the Past Life Regression Academy and Spiritual Regression Therapy Association, professional member of Earth Association for Regression Therapy, I have contributed to a research conducted by EARTh, in a book Regression Therapy for Relationship Issues and Therapist Survey of Clients' E.T. Experiences, gave workshops in Prague, Oxfordshire and Biarritz and participated in the World Congress of Regression Therapists in Porto. I am a Head Trainer in Getting Better School. I am also a Reiki Master & Teacher, trained in two different lineages. I speak Czech, English and French. For accommodation check my clients' favorite B&B in Itxassou CONTACT ME


These pages are for information only. The approaches offered here are only an alternative and do not substitute medical advice or treatment, do not prescribe medication. The candidates undergoing therapies offered here are in full responsibility for themselves.