These are the most frequent questions of my clients:

Why does the session take so long?

First of all for having you completely relax we will need time. Deep relaxation is important for good concentration in hypnosis and all the healing work. I work according to the client’s needs and follow your energy during your sessions. We decide beforehand what works for you best in terms of timing.

How do I prepare myself?

Take an evening before the session off and take some time just for yourself. Decide for yourself how important it is for you to get better, or what exactly you have in mind that you’d like to move on with. Make it your intention and your success is there. I flow with you so it really depends on your trust in the process. Curiosity is a great motivation too and brings great results of the session!

Have a light meal, no alcohol or other drugs, be well rested so you can let yourself go easily into the experience.

What if I don’t see anything?

Most people that come to past life and spiritual regression expect that once in the hypnotic state all their experience will be in front of them like a film. Not all people however have the same way of experiencing. Someone sees things very vividly, while others have feelings or impressions and see nothing at all. Some experience strong emotions or bodily sensations without any picture. It is so as each of us experience life (and indeed past lives) not like a moving picture but through our senses and emotions. And so your focus of the session will be on the most important issue exactly how your memory once recorded it.

It is important that during the session you communicate to me whatever there is happening for you, so I can assist you the best way I can.

How will I feel after the session?

Usually tired, mostly relieved, surprised, but with the exhilarating feeling “oh I knew it!” The way I work there is no residue of the session afterwards. Even if we schedule another session for later, the case of this session is cleared and closed. Healing and re-settling of your energy can pleasantly continue during your sleep, that is why you need a rest afterwards.

It is great to have someone else to drive you home.

Do I have to come again?

After the session we will see if another one will be needed. If there is something of your objectives that we have not met and it is still waiting for resolution we would agree on having another session. Clients with specific issues usually come for 2 to 5 sessions.

It is always better to book 2 sessions in advance and if we get the resolution for you in the first session, the better! I recommend having the sessions at least three weeks apart so your own energy has time to resettle. But there is no problem in having the sessions following days. You’ll just need lots of rest afterwards. All this is we agree before we start working together.

Will I remember what happened?

Yes you will! Even the deep memory in the Life between Lives will be available to your immediate memory when you need it to recall it in quiet moments, meditation etc. I recommend you to write down after the session all your experience. Even if you have the recording there is much more happening that what you were saying to me!

Can I bring a friend/loved one?

First of all the hypnotic induction will be boring for the person who is not meant to be in trance. And then, whatever is happening it is very personal and intimate experience. It can be moving, emotional and cathartic and it might feel discomforting to the onlooker. For this reason I do not recommend having another person sitting in. However I had several clients who came with their loved one and insisted they will be together. The sessions turned out to be very supportive and profitable for both.

Can I record the session?

I record all sessions with the client’s permission. So I can pass you your recording if you wish, but you are always very welcome to record it on your own device. The sessions are confidential.

Will I surely get rid of my problem?

Occasionally it happens that people come for a session to skip or avoid their real problem, take no participation in the session, mask up all they can, they don’t follow up. They don’t take any responsibility of own healing and clutch to old believes and complains. They hope the miracle comes from the outside. It is an attitude very difficult to work with.

But once you have the intention to let go, will to explore, open mind, trust in the healing process, and a little bit of persistence, then, oh yes! You will!