What is it and What does it do?

I was first attuned to Reiki in 2001 in Prague and have been practicing intensely ever since. In 2006 I received the Master/Teacher attunement in a different school/lineage in France and became a Reiki Master. My students thus have the chance to learn from both traditions (in their own language) and to combine what feels best for them. As for the healing session, not much language is needed.

What is it?

The Reiki (Rei-universal, omnipotent, omnipresent, Ki- energy) healing system originated in Japan, Mikao Usui being the founder. It traveled via the U.S.A to Europe and back to Japan, where it reconnected with its original roots. There are probably hundreds of different schools teaching various techniques, several interpretations of Mikao Usui’s 5 Principles and various sets of hand positions. The variations are mostly due to the cultural differences of the societies through which the message of Reiki has passed. What all the schools have in common is their:


-5 Principles of Healthy and Happy Being (more or less similar in the translations/interpretations)

-Symbols (same meanings, written signs vary according to the handwriting of different masters)

Mikao Usui’s teachings were passed on only orally. They focused on spiritual awareness and health improvement was the side effect. Western society, enamored with the material, prefers to put physical health improvement first but appreciates emotional well-being as well.

What does it do?

It’s all about vibrations and resonance. Others can sense our heartbeat at a distance of four meters. You know that someone in the room is sad or happy as soon as you enter. We are in a swimming pool full of vibrations that we constantly exchange. Healing energy resonates and vibrates within every organ of your body and every thought produced in your head, in order to restore your original well-being.

Our physical body is preprogrammed to heal itself. We want to feel good and be healthy and we wish the same for all those we love. Disease is often a physical manifestation of a mental and emotional disturbance within. Environment and nutrition either significantly support our self-healing capacity or hinder it.

Reiki is Unconditional Love energy that acts beyond any earthly condition. The purpose of this special energy cannot be altered by any means. It can be rejected by the receiver of his own free will, and thus make no difference. It works regardless of our age or our belief system, our prejudices or other social or personal limitations. Anybody can be attuned and give or receive healing.

Reiki is a smile that you give to anyone and anyone can give to you.

What’s the session like?

The simplest healing session you can experience. With your clothes on, you relax on a massage table. While I’m channeling Reiki with a light touch of my hands on your body, you just let the experience happen. Some feel tingling and warm, some get emotional for a few seconds, some feel happy and light, but everybody finds receiving Reiki extremely relaxing. It’s a very gentle healing.

As a treatment I offer four sessions within one week.

How can I do it myself?

Your whole person, its feelings, emotions, thoughts, memories and its physical body, is harmonized with this healing energy by the process of Attunement. You can then use it for your own benefit and also help others in the same way. You can pass the healing using your hands (simple hand positions over the clothing and/or across time and space); the explicit intention to help gives it an extra boost.

What else?

I suffered various health problems since I was a teenager. At the time I heard about Reiki from a friend I was on the verge of not being able to take care of my three children, as I was in and out of to bed constantly. A few weeks after the attunement all my troubles disappeared. I was giving Reiki daily to my kids, partner, my neighbors, relatives, friends and to myself. To my surprise, I was able to get back to work and enjoy my life. My mum, who was scheduled to have an arthritic hip joint operation, never had to go back to the hospital. The pain is no longer there and the mobility of her joint has returned to normal. Amongst other things I also used Reiki successfully to diminish “phantom pain” after a limb amputation.

From my perspective as a mother, I’d recommend Reiki to every mum just to help your kids with all those everyday colds, flues and coughs, bruises, toothaches, eczemas and emotional troubles. Kids act instinctively, so you can always relay on their feedback. They love it and even their friends ask for some. It’s quality time with your kids when you can talk and share and let more love and fewer conditions come into your relationship.

The experience of people attuned to Reiki differs from person to person. It makes a change in a human being’s self-development. For some the change is profound, some give up half way, others go on and embrace the challenge and joy of healing themselves. The soul/higher self comes forth and demands freedom to bloom into its full purpose, the thing that every one of us wonders about. By using Reiki in everyday life you may find your answers and your way back to yourself, overcome hurdles and learn your lessons and have some fun on the way. You can indeed find this happy and healthy life in harmony with the World, Earth and Universe.