Voyance, card reading, cartomancy … for me it was the beginning of being able to literally see what’s happening with my life and how I could change the outcome of my actions. Sometimes our life becomes so complicated or we feel unable to see clearly what’s going on, perhaps we are tired and look for motivation, encouragement, and help.

I use Tarot cards, pictures so precise and yet they are being interpreted during our session with you, by you and me together. They help you to see clearly into situations as they reflect in the cards. It is your path and your choices mirroring in those symbolic pictures. I am not a fortune teller. Possible future story is not set in stone. I do your card reading so you can see the trends where your current actions go. Together we investigate your answers as to what why and how. You have your life in your hands and you have the ability to change anything concerning you. Your relationships and health, the way you think and do things so that you can be in the Harmony with the Universe.

With the help of these cards you can find the ways that you can take to make your life better, fix what you can, help others, grow, understand, do better, feel good.