GB CHANNELING  - Course of Multiverse Communication

Six-day residency course in Southwest France  

YouTube video from our trips 

Channelling is the downloading of information from a source of subtle vibrations that are not normally available to us. This method has existed as long as humanity itself, even before man became homo sapiens, as shown by the Cro-magnon cave paintings. Deep trans is used to create "antennas" for such communication. It can be done by use of various herbs and artificial drugs, depending on where we want to "reach" for information. Deep meditation is also one of the ways in which a channel knows its own questions in advance and downloads information through a filter of its already collected knowledge. Deep hypnotic trans is a safe method of connecting to a secure source of communication and channel - transmit information - and then safley and well balanced return to the present waken state.

Edgar Cayce, for example, has provided much information in hypnotic channeling. In recent years Toni Ann Winninger has been channelling a group of light beings for purpose to help healing of individuals but also brought back knowledge about many spiritual topics. Currenlty there are many channellers being in touch with various beings of various vibrational levels. Mostly they bring helpful information to help humanity to become aware of self and connection with other life forms.  My teachers are, of course, Orin and Daben, who stood at the very begining of my searching. Here on our Earth plane it was mainly Janet Treloar and other colleagues with whom I learned this beautiful and super interesting method of communication. I have been using it for individuals and mostly during my teaching courses. My students can ask their questions about their life and of course about anything that interests them. An excellent introduction to this method is the Spiritual Regression into life between lives, where one can connect to one's spiritual guides and the gentle and light beings who are in contact with him/her.

Two people are needed for Channeling with Hypnosis. The one who is in hypnosis and downloads the information and the one who asks the questions. The questions are not known to the channeller in advance. Becoming a good channel, even if it seems simple, is extremely demanding on energy, concentration but also life style and self energy management. It also depends on the vibrational frequency and the purity of the channel, which determines the frequency at which the channel can be tuned. Simply put, it's like listening to FM pop music radio and then retuning to WKW with classical music. A good channel must be able to tune in the being (or more and various beings), filter out his/her own perception and ego and must be able to stay concentrated in the deep trance, talk and translate into words the information that comes. It is not an easy task and not everybody can be a good channeller. 

More than 20 years ago, when I started reading Orin and Daben book about this, three dolphins came to me in a dream. They poked their heads above the water surface towards me, they said something, laughed and gave me a kiss.  I then dived my head into the water towards them and stroke them gently. I knew we had known each other, I felt that there was a great love and understanding between us. When later on I discovered snorkeling and saw for the first time the underwater colorful world I realized what they were saying to me. There are many, many vibrational worlds. Just like water has different salinity, density, temperature and different species of sea creatures live in each of them, there are different beings in each of the vibrational worlds. We can learn to "see" them and certainly communicate with them. My dreams then continued, in them I went to libraries with antient books and from the top top shelves I read in a book of my life while holding on myself up there by reiki in my hands. At that time I had no idea about "Akashic records or dolphin connections" ... It took me years to admit that my soul mission here is in fact to pass informations and communicate the new, helping somehow with evolution on this planet, reminding people who are interested of the human capacity. As I speak three languages ​​and understand a few more translating and interpreting has been with me since childhood. Channeling the way I do it is just another language - vibrational perception - and it's translation to the known human language.

 When my colleague asked the beings who talked through me in 2008 if our efforts made any sense, the answer was a kind of amused: "Just like raindrops ..." Since then, I've participated in several group sessions. Channeling sessions with my colleagues each of us channelling various beings about common questions. Various subtle beings gave us very specific answers that brought about a complete picture.  It was like an intergalactic conference, where humans are very welcome. Channelling can be also part of Spiritual Regression Between Lives. It goes along with intuition and can reach far beyond.

The reason I created this course is to help people to reach out to their own (spiritual) capacity and helpl others to open it up. The messages they get from the spirit realm and light beings for themselves are easier to act upon and put in practice. Whether the information about healing with music and sound, color or light, or insights into the vibrational context of a particular place on the planet and beings living there, specific steps to help with anorexia, migraine or relationship with the mother, or how best to bring up your child, insights into existence or "history" of individual souls, encounters of the possible future or meeting with those we call here ETs, understanding the evolution of the soul or the mathematical expression of the holographic universe, seeing the perfect interplay between species on our planet, you can get practical information on how to arrange your offices, what happens when you move to another place, what causes which vaccination in a person's energy system or how to prevent flooding of your house, what ancestry treats caused this particular problem and what to do about it. And a lot more...

With this course, I would like help people to acknowledge the existence of subtle beings who share this planet with us, the spiritual and light beings who can assist this planet from higher vibrational levels. They make available their loving and wise and often very humorous and matter of fact overviews of our human struggles and talents. I would like to bring into our down to earth reality their understanding and advice, to make this beautiful planet a place of respect, love, cooperation, free will and harmony, the way we all deep in our hearts long for, the way the planet was created. 

The course includes:

Demonstration and practical exercises, stay in nature, trip to an energy place, homework with supervision. Upon successful completion of the diploma/certification of Getting Better School *. This course is not a part of regression training. 




-clearing of energies that distort the channel / questioner

-chakra balancing

-hypnosis for channeling

- induction and returning techniques

- channelling or mediumship

-higher self, soul, essence, and we are all one

- source in us

-resolution of vibration levels of the source

- vibration level channel - source

- channel resonance - source

- various sources, ( information channels, creatures, beings and information levels)

- asking questions, conversation with the source

- perceptions, translations and  interpretation of given information

- integration and grounding of communicated information

-closing the channeling session



Course price: 650 euros

Dates: May 2023 (max 6 people) 

             June 10-15 2023 (max 6 people) 

Special offer for hypnotherapy colleagues June 13-15 Course price sale now: 243 euros




Maison Izar Ederra Itxassou  - Venue of the course: 3 joined double rooms with one bathroom, WC, single: 55euro/night, double or twin: 75euro/night, plus tax,  possibility to use the kitchen, garden and pool. Restaurants within walking distance, shops 5 mins drive. 

Venue: Typical Basque village of Itxassou,

Walks and hikes individually or accompanied with me: 

- Pas de Roland - legendary place of the Song of Roland and the sword of Durendal

- River Nive (possibility of rafting/kayaking with guide) 

- Saint Fructus church

- Atari mountain, Airfield of Itxassou, Forest walk with the mill from 17 century

Anytime: Exploring the coast for nature wonders, surfing, relaxing (car 30 - 60 mins)



EXTRA DAYS: Trips according to interest, extra charge will be applied in case I go with you, althought I am not a licenced guide, I have been taking people to these places for over 14 years: Trips were entrance is payed must be booked in advance even for individual and small group. 1/2 day trips listed can be regrouped into full day adventure according to distance and logistics, please ask. Please make sure your travel insurance is up to date.

 1/2 day hike to Cromlechs de Meatse on the Artzamendi mountain above Itxassu (car 40 mins and hike**), High Pyrenees and Atlantic Ocean view, wild horses, (best at sunset and watching stars)

1/2 day Zugaramurdi (Spain), witch caves and/or witch museum (car 40 mins, walk)

1/2 day Monderrain mountain with special energy, springs, wild horses and cows (car 30 mins, hike***)- relaxing grounding

1/2 day Saint Jean Pied De Port -town, where paths of the Camino Santiago de Compostella join, pilgrim place (car 30mins, walk), special boutique with spicies,  Bidarray - typical Basque village on Camino

1/2 day Urdax (Spain) , pre-history cave system and/or monastery - modern basque art gallery, (car 40mins, walk) relax with gourment Navarra wine with amazing mountain views

1/2 day caves of Sare - and exposition on life of cromagnon man (car 60 mins, walk)

1/2 day Source of river Nive - dive deep into the mountains (car 50 mins, hike***)

1/2 day Biarrtiz - amazing coastal surf town that have been serving as a place for relaxation of famous stars included the Royal Family, many places to dine and shop, relax and enjoy just being  

1/2 day Bayonne - beautiful Basque town with Roman walls and many shopping opportunities    

Anytime: Exploring the coast for nature wonders, surfing, relaxing

1 day trip to Lourdes - pilgrim place, (car 2,5 hrs) and/ or high Pyrenees (3 hrs)   

1 day trip Ekain (Spain) - pre-history cave with paintings of horses and Asturian coast 

Deposit for the Channeling course is 200 euros. 

Please send applications and questions to

Signal, Telegram +33 66 88 98 266

Contraindications to the course: All recreational drugs, medication influencing brain chemistry, mental, emotional or physical instability, rigid religious beliefs, general imbalance.

Recommended reading for the course:

Orin Daben - Opening to Channel