Practitioners of Holistic R.T. and Spiritual Regression Between Lives (sessions in English)

Mgr. Jitka Badoučková (Přeštice (Plzeň-jih) Holistic Regression Therapy, Spiritual Regression Between Lives 
I have been interested in things between heaven and earth since my childhood. So that is why my professional career has gone in that direction. In addition to the profession of an interpreter and translator of Italian and English, I became an instructor of advanced level holotropic breathing and translator of spiritual literature (Stanislav Grof, Lobsang Rampa, etc.). I also studied other psychotherapeutic techniques, and I still felt I wanted to know hypnosis, especially hypnosis for regression. That has finally come true and I am deeply grateful. When I see how  Holistic Regression Therapy  directs people towards new knowledge and a more meaningful life, I love it more and more! As I am a poet I use my talent for helping people even in this way. There are ways in poetry as in hypnosis that touch human spirit on the deepest, most profound level where healing happens.  
I conduct sessions in English and Italian.        tel.: 603-785795        email:     

Ivana Kailová   (Praha) 
I learned about spiritual regressions from books by Michael Newton. In October 2013 I attended Bernadeta Hodková´s course and do them since then. I live in Prague Dejvice but can come also to client´s place. 
This autumn I have decided to extend my operation and took the first of three modules on holistic regression. I can also read from the Akasha Cronica.
Ivana is not practicing at the moment :)