About Me

A little about me...

Bernadeta Hodková

I was born in Prague, Czech Republic. When I was unable to study psychology at Prague University at a student age my interest naturally turned towards studying languages, traveling and consequently teaching. Since my young age I felt that what I learn myself can be useful for others and so soon I started sharing my discoveries and new skills with others.

Becoming a mother myself, more joy came to my life and my interest extended into energy healing and mind power. While bringing up my kids I was teaching Russian and English, working in creative teams in the advertising industry, doing copywriting and translating, and continuing to study. From Tarot cards to I-ting, Wicca Positive Magic to Reiki and other energy healing techniques I was looking for anything beyond the regular and visible. When I found existence of past lives in books it all began to make lot more sense and when I finally saw and experienced my own ones in hypnosis and later in wake state as well, and when I met myself as a soul I finally got the overview I had been looking for.  It has been a journey of so much curiosity and eagerness I know now I can never stop learning and discovering more. I am used to drawing information, knowledge and wisdom from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds and from different perspectives on human existence (psychology, body-mind, metaphysics, science and spirituality).

Nature and her beings - animals, plants, rocks and water - play the most important role in harmony and healing on this planet and so we work together alongside of light beings that are like air on the invisible plain. I am just a part of a great team that trigger healing.  Music and colours as translation of vibrations are essential too. Personal experience is necessary to my
ever sceptic mind so I have to try and test and feel, double check and understand how it works, before I use it and pass it on. Yet it all still evolves. Being able to accompany others in their search for getting-better and witnessing their own joy of discovery and healing is what makes me tick.

I live in South West France (in the Basque Country) and have a private practice in Regression and
Past Life Regression Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression, Reiki energy healing and yes, card reading. I pass on reiki techniques, teach Holistic Regression Therapy and Spiritual Regression in courses for keen and motivated people. Totally immersed in the grandeur of the Pyrenean mountains, and charged by the power of

Atlantic waves, I tend to draw on nature’s beauty and power in all that I do

I am grateful to all those who put obstacles on my path and made me figure out how much more I can do, kicked my butt only to help my spirit fly and ground my potential. I am grateful to my parents for making my introduction into this life with love and keeping focus on spirit on Earth, they were the best parents I could have chosen. I am grateful to my sisters who showed me how not to do things, my colleagues tutors, peers and friends who support and encourage me. My partners for holding me and teaching me perspectives I could never reach without them. My students for their enthusiasm and clients for challenge and expansion of knowledge they bring me. My big extended family of amazing people and souls who bring so many other enriching perspectives I would not discover otherwise.  

Most of all I am grateful to my kids who laugh at me and with me, for their criticism, encouragement, corrections, assessments, wit and wisdom, patience and impatience,
teaching, courage and motivation. Their personalities are like magic to me. They keep me focused and super grounded no matter what. Their love through hugs makes me whole on the way to and beyond the Universe. 

I graduated in Past Life Regression Academy  certified professional member of  EARTh (European Association for Regression Therapy) and Spiritual Regression Therapy Association and a head trainer in my Getting Better School with international accreditation. I am registered as a Reiki Master in L'annuaire Francophone du Reiki and Counselling in France.  I also have a certificate as an ESL teacher and diploma in Cambridge CAE.  Although I do not aspire for achieving other diplomas the older I am the more I wonder and want to know more. I gave a presentation at the Reunion of SRTA in Oxford, participated on the WRTC in Porto and give workshops in France and Czech Republic.  

My clients and students come from all walks of life, many parts of the world, various social, linguistic and cultural  backgrounds. My work with them is as various as they are and I had learnt to adjust my healing techniques to perfectly suit personally to each one. For me everyone is VIP as I see people as souls - in the context of life - and not only Earthly.