Spiritual Regression (Between Lives)

                *training accredited by EARTh          

    What is it?

The origins of this regression were put down by Dr. Michael Newton who has written about the possibility of tapping into the deepest memory of our selves. The memory of the soul itself.  Dolores Cannon's techniques differs form others but her work also abundantly contributes to this new discovery. Their extraordinary and groundbreaking research opened up the possibility for any of us to have a glimpse into the Universe. To see where we are standing and what we are doing in this vast existence. Soul regression uses deep hypnotic trance to access these memories. My work with you does not follow any prescribed path but gives you tools and accompanies you in your own search of the deepest memories of your spiritual self.  

The aim of this regression is to let you experience yourself in the soul perspective. And perhaps find answers to the hardest questions of all.

                           What happens in the sessions?

Our life choices begin somewhere before we were even conceived.  We will check all that there is for you to get to know at this point of your life.  

You Will:

-Clear any issues that might block your Soul Regression session

-Find your experience of your most recent past life crossover

-See what happens when your soul crosses over to the other side

-Meet up with your spiritual helper/s

-Experience existence of other beings that are working with you on the soul level

-Have a chance to communicate with them

-Find out about your life choices, people you are with in this life in their soul existence

-Be able to find your life purpose from both spiritual and earthly perspectives

-Ask your own questions

-Bring all this experience back to your everyday life 

- And may be see beyond the earthly lives


                          How is it done?  

The Spiritual regression Between Lives is divided into two sessions. The first session is a preparation for Soul regression by clearing any blockages using the methods of Holistic Regression Therapy plus an introduction to deep hypnotic trance. It takes between 2-3 hours. The second one is your Spiritual regression session and takes between 4 to 6 hours. Very deep hypnotic trance is necessary in the second session.  Nevertheless you are still very much in your body and you will be able to say if any discomfort disturbs your deep concentration or you need to use the toilet. As with Regression or other hypnotic sessions it is you who is in control. You float to explore your own deepest memory.  

It is convenient to book 2 or 3 days to give yourself enough time to clear (emotional, mental and physical) blockages (past lives and current lives)  and get used to deep trance and communicate while you are in it. In fact the more time you spend in hypnosis exploring what there is for you the easier it will be to access the deep memory of your soul. The time to ground (walk, swim, sleep...) and integrate your discovery must not be underestimated, the sessions are very intense and demanding, the concentration is huge. 

For clients coming from far away I recommend 3 days work, up to 10 hours to give yourself enough time to ground and integrate the soul discovery. (Walk, connect with nature, sleep..._    


             Will I find out “What’s life about?” 

Most likely – yes. And you will begin to understand many of the things you wonder about in your life. Life circumstances, for instance your and your partner’s role in this life. You’ll be able to experience the vastness of the Universe and the feeling of the existence of pure love, - removed from human conditions.  You will be able to receive answers to your pressing questions and with that comes profound understanding. 

Soul Regression is not: astral travelling; going to go exactly like you read in a book; quick fix of your karmic learning, relationships, job, or money issues; fantasy; imagination; 

Is it going to work with me? With the method I use and structuring the session into two or three parts where the first one is to clear the blockages the chances of you being able to access your soul memory is high.  In my experience perhaps 1 out of 100 clients don't get to the soul memory. Usually for the reason that they are in a transition point in their life and their emotional state keep the perspective focused on the issue in the current life. 

The so called "un-hypnotisable" or "resistant" is only about the level of energy blockages in the energy field of the person due to past lives or current life issues and those can be cleared beforehand with Holistic Regression Therapy techniques. 


                 How to prepare? 

It’s best to come to the session fresh and well rested, with no heavy food or drink in your system. Have a light breakfast and take some fruit and a snack for after the session. Wear comfortable clothes. Coffee, alcohol or use of drugs are not recommended as they significantly interfere with brain chemistry and alter bodily functions.

For your session you may wish to write a list of  people who are or were somehow important in your life. We will talk about these at the beginning of your session.  You may wish to write down the questions you’d like to ask. When you are in trance it is very difficult to think up a question and listen for the answer, due to how our brain is wired. Your list helps us to work together to get you your insights.

I will be recording your session so you can have it and listen to it in the future. If you wish to bring your own recording device (smart phones, I phones have the app and are excellent quality), you are most welcome.  


                    Anything else? 

Soul Regression is a very pleasant and special experience that might have a profound effect on you future life. It is quite likely that your deceased loved ones will come forth to give you their support, explanation and love. The awesome meetings with other familiar souls in their own realm are close to the happiest moments in our life on Earth, like when your child is born or when you fall in love.

I wish for every mum and dad to meet his or her kids as souls. Just to recognise our children’s souls in immense love would change the way we bring them up in this world.  My clients who have this opportunity come with an astonishingly similar plea from their kids’ souls: “Trust me, listen to me, and allow me my freedom, I know what to do”.