Students' Feedback

GB Holistic Regression Therapy Training

Just a few words about the course: I am very grateful to all beings on earth and unearthly, that my path led to Mrs. Bernadeta Hodkova and her course of GB HRT. As a therapist I have dealt with regression therapy in previous years. I had worked with clients according to the methodology of Andrei Dragomirecky. But the technique and methods as are being taught and presented by Mrs. Hodková I totally fell in love with. .. This journey of self-discovery and learning, healing and recovery through holistic regression therapy is very gentle and non-violent. We can work simultaneously on both the physical level (body work) and on a subconscious level. And still there may be a lot more, far beyond this framework, a subtle influence and healing on many levels ... For everything new that learned I'd love to thank you Bernadeta. .. She is such a great, humanly beautiful and wise teacher. And thank you everyone else for everything that I learned with you and for that amazing atmosphere .. ..where I feel like "home" ...

With love and respect Jana Halbhuberová

1st and 2nd module of the course Holistic regression therapy with Bernadeta HODKOVÁ was entering a new phase of life for me. I sort of already knew when I applied but the real experience came at the course itself. I am very grateful to the universe that I could meet Bernadeta. I consider her to be a teacher - a guide that very sensitively approaches her role. I really appreciate that she could modify easily the course curriculum according to our progress and fluently adapt to our needs and the extent of our experience. Everything was forming naturally due to her own loving approach. I am looking forward to the third module and other related course of Spiritual Regression LBL.

Thank you Bernandet.

L. Soukupova, Czech Republic

Spiritual Regression Training

Dear Bernadeta :-)

Thank you very much for that I could attend your course of spiritual life between lives regression.

Are you an experienced, qualified hypnotherapist and that I greatly appreciate it. Not only have you taught us this great method of how to introduce a client to his past life and previous existence in the world of souls and between incarnations, but you gave us the opportunity to make contact with our own spiritual insights. Even though I have yet little experience, I can say that when clients experience their own genuine identity of their own soul, they experience this liberating feeling. This experience of LBL brings on a new peace and spiritual

understanding. I understand the fact that we all live in a common world, where everyone one is free from any boundaries. I look forward to be able to help my clients to accept life and who they are and rejoice with them.

:-) Dear Bernadeta, with love and thanks to you for providing this gift.


I also want to thank for the course. For me it was an amazing week full of meetings with extraordinary and nice people, experiences and methods that spoke to me the most. Big thanks to you, Bernadeta for your kind and appealing approach and your knowledge, and you Kristyna also for your sense of humor, that made our learning such a pleasant experience.


Dear Bernadeta,

I came to the course of Spiritual Regression out of curiosity - what exactly is the Spiritual Regression?

Now I know that I explored all Love, Joy, Understanding, and Light of my soul.

I hope that I will be able to pass this knowledge on.

Thank you Bernadeta and I am looking forward to your further courses.

Svetlana from Prague

Dear Bernadeta!

I feel that a new perspective opened in front of me for my work with people under your loving guidance and reception!

I came to the course because I wanted my own experience of our spiritual home, this meeting and reception, as I read in Michael Newton's book .

I did not expect it would be for me so fulfilling and inspiring! In my 49 years of age I've experiences courses that were some more and some less scrolling forward the path of my evolution. I did not expect, however, that the most beautiful week of my life will be on your course of Spiritual Regression in Antarik!

I allowed myself to finally be myself, and I felt tremendous support and not only from my spiritual home. I feel that what I received is for me the greatest gift in life. I know that I accept myself, with all that I am. Well, that last drop of acceptance happened in completion LBL Spiritual Regression course!

And I feel that your support remains when consulting my work with individual clients with you. I am immensely grateful.

Katka Šimčisková/Anna Purná