Clinical Hypnosis

What is hypnosis?

Trance or hypnosis is an experience of being between wakefulness and sleep. It’s a pleasant dreamlike state where you no longer worry and your busy thinking mind is on “standby”. You hear sounds around you but you don’t respond to them. You don’t really have any physical awareness of your body. Your thoughts just float, detached from you and from your emotions or feelings. You are relaxed in a pleasant floating mode. From your own experience you know you can’t get stuck while relaxing or concentrating, neither can you in hypnosis. You’ll be well aware of what’s going on and what’s being said to you. Hypnotic suggestions are accepted in your mind only when you wish it so.

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy good for?

When you realize that no matter how strong willed you are this thing that you wish to change gets you again and again.

It can be applied to:

Quitting smoking, losing weight, reducing phobias, stress, building confidence, increasing motivation, relaxation, pain management, enhancing creativity, overcoming fears, social anxiety, sleeping problems, improving learning/study skills, loss and separation and many other things.

I can record the session and give it to you on CD to further enhance the suggestion.

Do I need to prepare?

Simply fill in the questionnaire that I will send to you and send it back prior to your session. Prepare to relax and feel comfortable by wearing comfortable clothes.

The session takes about 1 hour. A non-smoker session is 2 hours.