The Pyrenees, Atlantic and the Basque Country

Places of high energy and past life memory, soul discovery and healing.

Date:   June  2021 (to be confirmed)

Place: Itxassou, South West France  and Spain   

Price: 1600 euro (to be confirmed)

We often feel drawn to visit certain places on Earth, for no logical reason we just really want to go there. Somehow we know that visiting this place will make us feel better. It maybe that in our past lives we had left our imprint or a pocket of energy there and now as we live on another place we still miss it. Resonance of places, our souls and nature flow towards harmony, balance and healing.

This voyage, physical and spiritual, attempts to bring you to the beginning of your soul memory, to retrieve what is yours and to shed what is not, discover what more you are.  

You are invited to discover past life memories for healing, resonance of you DNA ancestry, feel your body becoming alive, create your own future, experience the power of the planet and communicate with the most faithful of human’s buddies - horses. And enjoy some nice local Basque food in a good company. So when you have to leave you will be empowered to continue your life in more clarity with more energy and zest for life.


Discover your soul

-       Hypnosis as means of inducing trance, discovering what there is for you and in all safety bring back what you need

-       Past life discovery – hypnosis for past life recall (experience)

-       Find and integrate lost parts  - character traits, skills (experience)

-       Soul journey (lecture and discussion)

-       Body healing – releasing blocks from physical body (experience)

-       Energy communication - a horse and a person, (experience)

-       Remember the future – in hypnosis, create your future for special situations according to your needs and soul purpose (experience)

Discover our planet 

– Basque lands, Atlantic Ocean and Pyrenees

-        Experience interesting places of feminine healing energy, Basque mythology and witch craft, clouded by Inquisition. (Zugarramurdi, caves and museum, mountain walk with cromlechs and dolmen) Spain

-       Recharge in High Pyrenees (Lourdes – pilgrim place of feminine apparition called Our Lady, meditation, then walk on the high mountain valley Gedre) France

-       Marvel  about UNESCO site pre-history cave paintings (Ekain) Spain and medieval town (St. Jean Pied de Port) on Camino de Santiago (France)

-       Relax at Atlantic coast where you find refreshment, clear and boost your energy France/Spain

-       Play with horses – communicate energetically with our non human friends (experience) France  


Voyage Program

Day 1 - Past lives and how we remember them

8:00 Breakfast (included)


Talk about the Pyrenees, Basque country, history and energy of places and soul memory.

Past lives

About why we get attracted to places and why we travel, how we heal by discovering our past lives and about first lives on Earth. 

Hypnosis – how it works

Journey to a past life, group regression

12:30 lunch in the local restaurant (included)


Individual discovery of past lives,

Sessions in pairs with supervision.

Integration of newly retrieved qualities, healing and feedback.

19:30 Dinner (individual not included) in Itxassou


Day 2 - Trip - High Pyrenees and Lourdes

7:30 Breakfast (included)


8:00 Departure for Lourdes

Individual visit of the Cave Massabielle the place of apparition of Our Lady. Feminine energy for peace and healing, meditation, resonance.

 12:30 Lunch in brasserie in Lourdes (individual, not included)


14:00 Set off for High Pyrenees

Walk or rest at the Cirque de Troumouse (2103 m.) in Gedre Valley. (snack in Auberge not included) Bring warm weatherproof clothing.

 17:00 Departure

Dinner after arrived at the hotel: fresh pizza or quiche (included)


Day 3- Working with body memory, finding and integrating lost parts, Shamanic animals

 8:00 Breakfast (included)


Demonstration of body memory and healing (genetic memory, unlocking fight or flight responses frozen in past lives, power animals as an aspect of us )

Individual sessions in pairs with supervision. Integration of lost body parts.

 12:30 Lunch in the local restaurant (included)


Finish of morning activity - Individual sessions in pairs with supervision. Integration of lost body parts.

- Individual walk around Itxassou, Roland’s Path and local church, possibility of drive up to Artzamendi (927m) and hike to the stone circle and view of the High Pyrenees and Biscay Bay (cca 3 hour trip). 

- Or drive to and walk in Saint Jean Pied de Port where various paths of Camino de Santiago meet and pilgrims start their pilgrimage. (cca 3 hour trip)

 19:30 Dinner (individual not included) in Itxassou


Day 4- Trip - Energy places, resonance, feminine divine powers

 8:00 Breakfast (included)


Feedback from the previous day

10:00 Set off for Zugarramurdi, stop over in Ainoha,

11:00 Zugarramurdi Witch museum, Basque mythology and feminine powers, witchcraft and Inquisition.

13:30 Lunch picnic  or tapas (included)


Caves of Zugarramurdi

Possibility of short drive and either walk to stone circles and dolmen (cca 3 hours trip), or just relaxation on the mountain below 

19:00 Departure

19:30 Dinner (individual, not included) in Itxassou or Cambo les Bains


Day 5 - Remember the future, Trip - In touch with horses 

8:00 Breakfast (included)


Remember the future – hypnosis for future life and next steps in this life, creating with intention. Talk and explanation. Individual sessions in pairs with supervision. 

12:30 Lunch in the local restaurant (included)


 Talk about energy, body language and interspecies communication

14:30 Set off for stables

Presence and communication with horses, emotional healing, integration and grounding. Presentation and supervision led by a professional horse riding teacher. 

18:00 Departure

19:30 Dinner (individual, not included) in Itxassou or Cambo les Bains


Day 6- Trip - Ekain Caves, Atlantic Ocean

 8:00 Breakfast (included)


9:00 Departure

Visit of Ekain caves with pre-history paintings of horses (UNESCO)

Lunch picnic (included)


Stay on the coast to relax, refresh and recharge (Bidart, Anglet). Possibility to stay for dinner (individual, not included)  in local restaurants.

 Arrival at the hotel by 22:00 

Day 7 - morning departure

Program can be adjusted according to local meteorological conditions or from technical reasons.

For a group of experienced RT therapists the indoor program can be adjusted according to participants' interests. Possibility of work in pairs and experience Spiritual Regression Between Lives, find other planetary experiences, explore your soul groups beyond karmic bond,  future life progression,  learn to channel and look for answers  for your questions to learn more, explore and ground your experiences.    


Price includes:

      -    Accomodation 7 nights in a hotel in Itxassou

      -    6 times half-board (breakfast plus 1 meal in the restaurant or a picnic during trip days)

       -    Entries to all locations on the program

       -    Lectures and assistance of the therapist during indoor program activities 

       -    Session with horses and simultaneous translation

       -    Trips (motorway payage, fuel, parking)

Price reduction 100 euro for individual transport for each passengers in the car


Price does not include:

-       Individual meals as mentioned in the program (1 meal of the day)

-     Drinks

-       Individual snacks and souvenirs

-       Tourist nor mountain guide

-       Insurance

-       Travel cost to and from Itxassou


Places we visit

Pays Basque, Pyrenees Atlantique, Biscay Bay from the mountains to the coast. France  (Aquitaine, Gascogne, Laboure, Bearn and Soule) and Spain (Gipuzkoa and Navarra)   The Basque people are one nation and do not feel divided by any state border. They are very much rooted in their land (which they call respectfully Euskal Herria - Basque Land) and only their dialects can tell which part of the Basque country they are

from. Their language is most likely the oldest language on earth and has no similarity with other language families although due to Basque seamen certain words become known in other languages also. All Basque people are bilingual,  (Spanish or French) and many speak all 3 languages of the Basque country. They are very proud of their  agricultural and historical heritage and their strong connection with earth. The Basques seamen took part of most historical sea voyages and discoveries.


In the Biscay Bay and the Pyrenean mountain chain we found countless pre-historical caves and remnants of life of a cro magnon  and Magdalenian  era oldest people dated 35.000 – 14.000 B.C. From bones and tools to breath taking cave paintings, stone circles and dolmens. Many of the caves are close for public as to conserve them only a few still remain open, with restricted amount of visitors.  Basque peoples who seem to have been here since ever never during history got uprooted and despite of various political and religious movements ( Vikings, Hannibal, Romans, Moors, Saracen, crusaders, Templars, Charlemagne, Inquisition, Napoleon and Franco) they stood their ground – literally.  

Basques nowadays are mostly farmers but in history they were also fishermen and seamen and took part in most historical sea voyages

and discoveries. We can find pockets of Basque people elsewhere in the world mostly in the U.S.A. where they emigrated in the last century but many came back to their home. The Basques are friendly however keep a respectful distance. The society, the everyday life is run by women although from the outside it looks quite the opposite. Their family and their house is their life.

Basque Mythology is very rich and is all about beings coming from earth and interacting with people. They guard and protect natural environments. Some of these deities  successfully mingled with Christian religion and are venerated in pubic festivities alongside church feasts. The Pyrenees are full with healing springs guarded by a small beautiful female deity. 

Of course the most well known is in the cave in Lourdes (France). Along with the Black Madonna Our Lady draws pilgrims from all over the world.  Although she is claimed by Catholic Church she is being visited by people of any and no religion altogether. In February 1858 a little lady

started appearing to 12 years old Bernadette Soubirous.  Our Lady, that's how Bernadette called her,  asked the girl for spreading  compassion and penance, eat grass and drink form the spring.  Many quick and spontaneous healings have been happening since. Although there is no more grass and the spring water runs through metal pipes and into plastic bottles, the cave of Lourdes holds its special energy where water and rock meet under the mountain. It certainly uplifts the spirit and prompts for contemplation. It's best to be visited out off season, when there are not so many pilgrims.    




YouTube Video

Anglet Chambre d’Amour, Biarritz, Bidart (France) 

Biscay Bay is made by rocky mountains sloping down to the wild Atlantic. Of course there are also most amazing beaches (Anglet is voted the best in France), one of the best surfing spots in the world. It's history is as dramatic as the weather, with pirates and discoveries of the new worlds and of course trades and whaling. Today's tourists come to recharge, relax and be taken by it's beauty. The experience of the magnificent waves crushing into the rock is a magic moment for everyone. 

Itxassou (France) 
is where you  sleep and experience indoor activities and most of the time eat. Cute little village, the most sought after thanks to the magnificent Roland path - wild river running

YouTube Video

through the rocky canyon of foothill of Artzamendi and Mondarrain mountains.  Black wild goats and vultures live above the river in the steep rocks. Church of Saint Fructus down in the village has extraordinary wooden carved balconies and Basque crosses reveal sacred geometry. Stone circles are on the "Bear Mountain" overlooking the Chain of Pyrenees and the Atlantic coast. Nestled amongst the mountains like a jewel she is very beautiful and special energy place.  



Cirque de Troumouse (France)

About an hour by car ascending from Lourdes by Heas - Gedre Valley, we arrive to the National Park and spectacular circle of Troumouse (2103m.). Energy of the high peaks meet the sky and downloads vibrations of the universe into this planet. Possibility of a walk to Virgin of

Troumouse or just relax and soak in the freedom in absence of human thought. There is space for your contemplation healing and reseting. Warm and protective clothes and walking shoes necessary.  


Zugarramurdi (Navarra, Spain)

Place of magic, witchcraft, energy of nature. Behind the village there is a cave where villagers did their cooking, socialising  and had their ceremonies in harmony with nature. Undoubtedly in altered state of consciousness thanks to a special local plant and toad they enjoyed their trips out of body but

also access healing. They used naturally their spiritual powers, same as their pre-history ancestors used to do when living in caves.  Yet the Spanish Inquisition with the Hammer of Witches managed to brake their free spirit by endless twisted and wicked accusations and torture, many of the free spirited women, children and men died in prison in Logroño were they were kept and many others were burned at stake there. The place
vibrates with mountain springs and spirit wisdom. Fortunately the freedom of just being stayed with the Basques until today.  The cave is again used for special gatherings to celebrate the witches. (In the Basque country the witches are celebrated, not shunned.) Little drive above the village and an hour hike up, there are more cromlechs, a stone circle and a beautiful menhir. Wild horses come to you and vultures fly over your head, just like they do on other mountains in this region.       




 Ekain (Spain) (UNESCO)

  2 hour drive along the coastal motorway to Spain and dive into to mountains.  Horses are the main topic in the cave paintings dated 14.000 years

B.C. The Ekain (Horse) cave is one of a few caves in the Pyrenees with pre-history paintings that is still open to public. Deep in the cave and far away form any day light these horses become alive in a flicker of flame, yet this is no more allowed and electric light is used instead. Still the enchanted observer can marvel about the origins of this magnificent apparition. Horses have been friends to us probably since the beginning of the  human race on the planet. Even now they own the mountains and local culture. They are the ideal communicator between heavens and humans and for this they are very much respected here.   

 Saint Jean Pied de Port (UNESCO) (France)

Medieval town 1/2 an hour drive from Itxassou with rich history of Christians and Moors. It is a capital of Navarre region. It is well known starting point to Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Unlike pilgrimage place of Lourdes you don't find here any tacky or religious shops, only practical stuff for pilgrims with whatever they might need on their crossing the Pyrenees and 800 km walk to the Spanish coast. When you are in this little hilly town out of season you see  people of any age of any nationality or background humbly carrying their backpacks with St. Jacque shell doing their soul journey.  Above the town with many "auberges" there is a monumental medieval Citadel, nowadays made into a collage. As the town has been also a trade route you can find exotic spices, teas and salts shop but also local produce of any kind. Walking through the town and having a local desert with a coffee will thanks to the refined atmosphere certainly make one unique experience.     



Notice and disclaimer: Trips to the high mountains are not recommended to people with asthma or heart condition. Sessions are not recommended for people under influence of drugs and medicine for cerebral function (antidepressants etc). Everyone is responsible for assessing their own health condition and ability to participate in the activities of the program. Individual health and travel insurance is compulsory.

Recommendation: For outdoor activities good pair of walking boots, light warm and weatherproof clothing. Temperatures might fluctuate between 16 – 32’C, significantly lower in the high mountains.  Weather can change very quickly. Suntan cream, sunglasses and rainproof clothing might be in use within hours of one day. Use small backpack for day trips. For indoor activities use leisure comfortable clothing.

Accommodation is in a local traditional welcoming of Gure Gostuan - B&B in double rooms. Single room might be asked plus 10 euro/night more. Hotel is in a quiet part of Itxassou, 100 m from Txistulari restaurant (Vegetarian option on request, sorry we cannot accommodate special diets). Other restaurants, pizzeria, little grocery, organic shop, bakery, pharmacy, medical doctor, bar and café is within 1,2 km distance. Bigger supermarket is in 3 km distance. French restaurants open for lunch at 12:30 and close at 14:30, for dinner at 19:30 close by 21:30. Spanish restaurants offer tapas (pintxos) before lunch and dinner, that start an hour later then in France. All shops are closed during lunch.

Payment conditions: 600 euro deposit must be payed within 2 months before the trip. Deposit is not refundable. The rest of the sum will be payed at the beginning of the trip either by a bank transfer or cash on demand.  20% discount for participants younger then 20.  Only one  discount is applicable.  

Contact:         +33 66 88 98 266